New microbiological and analytical lab in Newcastle

Outsourcing partner to companies within the pharmaceutical, medical device and clinical trials industries, the Wasdell Group, is investing £500k in a new laboratory at its Newcastle site

Quality management system enhanced

Cleanroom microbiology solutions provider completes transition to ISO9001:2015

How to choose an anaerobic workstation

Dr. Andrew Pridmore discusses the benefits of using an atmospheric workstation over traditional gas jars and what to look for when choosing a system


Preventing STEC outbreaks in leafy vegetables

Dr. Rachel Noble explains how a recently developed molecular test for generic E. coli might be part of the solution

Show germs the final curtain

Teknomek broadens its PVC strip curtain range with anti-microbial options

Time-saving colony counters

Colony counters, microbial ID and sample preparation systems showcased at ArabLab

Cherwell to participate in sterile medicinal product manufacture conference

Joint PHSS & PQG event provides forum for revised sterile drug GMP guideline discussion

DEFRA approval for animal by-product testing

Eurofins receives DEFRA approval for animal by-product testing

Sophisticated CHN analyser

A CHN analyser designed to meet the analytical needs for filter samples

Microbiology lab modernisation project

Technidata participates in the microbiology lab modernisation of the Grenoble Alpes University Hospital

Simplifying environmental microbiology research

Rainin Pos-D pipettes are helping student tackle research into the hot topic of biodegradation of oil in Arctic marine environments

Thermoelectric cooling incubator with 170 litres of interior volume

BINDER's range of cooling incubators with thermoelectric cooling is getting a new member that is set to offer outstanding performance: the...

More testing options for microbiology labs

Now available for antimicrobial susceptibility testing, dalbavancin on FDA-cleared microbroth dilution susceptibility plates

Automated colony counting advances

Eikonix reveals enhancements to its SCAN range of colony counters

New product offers more testing options for microbiology labs

Now available for antimicrobial susceptibility testing, Orbactiv (oritavancin) on FDA-cleared microbroth dilution susceptibility plates

Latest version of software announced

Revised software for benchtop bioprocess control launched by Eppendorf

Integrated strain library management

Direct link between microbiology and biorepository management systems introduced

New range of gravimetric dilutors

Interscience launches four gravimetric dilutors with improved accuracy and design

Colony counter and rapid ID system

Saves microbiologists time and provides accurate, traceable results, says Synbiosis

Examining interior of sedated animal down to cellular level

Facilitates optical microscopy of small animal subjects for preclinical research without having to carry out a dissection




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