Herpes virus product range introduced

AMS Bio has introduced a new range of Herpes Virus Entry Mediator (HVEM) products for use in immuno-oncology research

Novel drug delivery system implanted

First clinical study patient has novel drug delivery system implanted for Parkinson’s trial

Pharma firm relies on medical-grade TPE

Aptar Pharma relies on medical-grade thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) components for eye drop packaging

Pathway to first in human milestones

Recipharm and CTC launch integrated first in human serivce

CE-IVD mark for multiplex PlexPCR VHS test for VZV, herpes and syphilis

Test is designed to streamline workflows and support rapid, appropriate clinical management of infections with similar symptoms

Would you like a bag with that?

Adrian Pittock explains why hospital pharmacies should not be expected to process discharge medication with the same conveyor fashion

Duodenoscope with disposable elevator cap

Provides a breakthrough solution in infection prevention with increased reprocessing operational efficiency, while ensuring reliable...

Ultrasound video bronchoscope

Features crystal clear ultrasound and endoscopic imaging to provide advanced diagnostic accuracy

Optical microscope quadruples its magnification

Possible for the first time to view the structure of viruses with a regular microscope

New method for the 3D printing of living tissues

Scientists devise way to produce tissues in self-contained cells that support the structures to keep their shape

Hygienic solution for endoscopy

Designed specifically for use with Pentax Medical endoscopes, together providing a verified and validated tool to facilitate manual...

Digitalising bed management

How touch screen technology can reduce hospital bed waiting times. Adrian Swindells reports

Acetyl esterase for the characterisation of glycosylation in EPO

Believed to be essential factors for the function, efficacy and half-life of the drug in patients

How electrical interference can cause pacemaker issues

Keith Armstrong looks at the interference issues that can befall pacemakers and how this could be prevented with EMC design

Purified cancer exosome samples

Help researchers study the role of exosomes in cancer development and metastasis

Optics of soap bubbles

May help us understand the mechanics of immune cells and cancer

New approach in T-cell therapy to treat cancer

Surface molecule causes the cells to respond particularly aggressively when they encounter a protein that tumours actually use to camouflage...

Power quality in the medical sector

Hospital patients and visitors are now allowed to use mobile phones on site without fear of interfering with medical equipment. However,...

IDO pathway products for immunotherapy drug research

Researchers worldwide are trying to identify the complex mechanisms that enable cancer cells to evade the host’s immune system




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