Patient-dedicated blood gas analysis enhances flu readiness and infection control

In-line Proxima blood gas analyser maintains isolation and reduces blood handling

FISH probe portfolio for lung cancers

Oxford Gene Technology has launched two new CE-IVD labelled fluorescence in situ hybridisation (FISH) probes

Scientists develop heart attack sensor

Tiny electric sensor, which could potentially improve patient survival rates

Preclinical imaging systems for advanced translational research

New, highest-performance microCT system and novel SiPM PET insert for simultaneous PET/MRI introduced

Wafer-level camera module for single-use endoscopes

Cross-contamination risks have led to strong market demand for single-use medical devices such as endoscopes

Steerable catheter to treat cardiac arrhythmia

Enables corrective treatment to be delivered to very specific areas of the heart; possible to preserve more healthy heart tissue, and...

Synthetic biology research

Microfluidic chips are helping researchers develop novel enzymes capable of polymerising synthetic nucleotides

Zika virus recombinant antigens and antibodies

Virus is causing worldwide concern because of its connection to a neurological birth disorder and its rapid spread across the globe

High definition video processor for gastrointestinal endoscopic imaging

Enhanced endoscopic in vivo diagnostic ensures faster detection, easier demarcation and characterisation of gastrointestinal lesions to...

Point of care connectivity for patient-dedicated blood gas analysis

Ensures the seamless transfer of blood gas and electrolyte test results into laboratory information systems and electronic patient records...

Blood test for liver disease

Guidelines recommending the use of a minimally-invasive blood test to test for and monitor advanced liver fibrosis in people diagnosed with...

Detecting biomarkers without amplification or labelling

JPK’s NanoWizard AFM and ForceRobot systems are being used in the field of medical diagnostics in the Supersensitive Molecular Layer...

Faster viral load results

Niguarda Hospital Milan found that the Beckman Coulter DxN VERIS Molecular Diagnostics System increased efficiency and gave faster viral...

Breakthrough in brain tumour research

Breakthrough came in laboratory tests on cancer cells from adults and children with brain tumours

Receptor products for immunotherapy research

AMSBIO has launched a range of new TIGIT receptor products including a Jurkat cell line, Homogeneous assay kits and recombinant proteins for...

Counterfeit batteries: the Achilles heel of MedTech

Battery manufacturer Accutronics has released a slideshare that highlights the problems caused by counterfeit batteries in the healthcare...

Bioequivalence in generic nasal sprays

New research from Nanopharm and Malvern Instruments highlights efficient in vitro strategies

Healthcare: designing products that meet specific industry requirements

Anthony Robinson looks at the way customer needs impact device design and the innovation required

Purslane extract supports blood sugar control

A new clinical study confirms positive effects of Portusana, an extract of the herb purslane (Portulaca oleracea L), on blood sugar levels...

Molecular diagnostics

Viral load workflow improvements and time savings achieved using DxN VERIS Molecular Diagnostics System




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