Healthcare's digital revolution

Jonathan Wilkins discusses the digital technologies that are revolutionising healthcare in the 21st century

Automated workflow for cancer research

Brad Larson and Glauco Souza on automated, label-free image- based methods to monitor inhibition of metastatic cell migration in 3D...

Vaccination and immune oncology tool

Candidate with top marks in standalone vaccination trial and prime-boost experiments

Investigation Familial Hypercholesterolemia

SureSeq myPanel NGS Custom FH Panels enable streamlined investigation of FH and customisation of content

New enzyme for urinalysis

Assay control manufacturers can use Porcine Liver Esterase to detect the presence of white blood cells and other abnormalities

Ceramide glycanase: a tool for the study of glycosphingolipids

Glycosphingolipids implicated in the pathogenesis of various diseases

Shining light on disease

Cyanine dyes could improve the efficiency of molecular probes in identifying, for example, the presence of a virus or a tumour receptor

Connectivity solution for point-of-care analysers

Point-of-care HbA1c analysers to transmit patient data to the majority of LIMS and HIS

Lens enables precision radiotherapy

Withstands the high levels of radiation produced by their synchrotron device onto tumours

Nerve tumour therapies

Could DNA from a virus millions of years old be the key to new nerve tumour therapies?

Wireless peripherals in healthcare

HMicro licenses and deploys CEVA Wi-Fi IP for healthcare and IoT devices

Novel diabetic biomarker test

Glycated Serum Protein assay provides simple, sensitive and fast alternative glycemic monitoring test

Non-invasive specimen preparation

Arquer Diagnostics and the University of Sunderland collaborate to extend application of cancer diagnostic

Smart specs to treat facial palsy, monitor mood and steer wheelchairs

Technology centres on the use of miniaturised sensors in the frames of the glasses to measure facial symmetry by tracking the movement of...

High-definition video processor for endoscopy

Provides extra information for more accurate endoscopic in vivo diagnosis through improved vessel and mucosal pattern characterisation

Haematology FISH probes

Oxford Gene Technology has today announced a significant expansion of its existing catalogue of Cytocell Aquarius Haematology probes for...

Radiation resistant lens enables precision radiotherapy

Need for treatment delivery systems that can deliver precise and accurate care quickly

In-line blood gas monitoring system

System supports critical measurements in an intensive care unit without leaving the patient’s bedside




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