Benefits of long-term vitamin E use

Long-term, regular use of vitamin E in women 45 years of age and older may help decrease the risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease by about 10 percent in both smokers and non-smokers.

Urban living linked to high blood pressure

People who live in urban areas where particulate air pollution is high tend to have higher blood pressure than those who live in less polluted areas, according to researchers.

Overtime work is bad for the heart

Researchers found that people who worked three or more hours longer than a normal had a 60 per cent higher risk of heart-related problems...

Treatment of gums may lower blood sugar

Recent research suggests that the treatment of serious periodontal disease in diabetics with Type 2 diabetes may lower their blood sugar levels.

British Indian children have better mental health

Researchers used data from a study which took a nationwide sample of 5-16 year olds living in England and found that British Indian children have substantially better mental health than British Whites.

Infectious diseases killing children

While the number of deaths has declined globally over the last decade, recent analysis reveals how millions of children under five die every year from preventable causes.

Many pregnant women lacking vitamin D

Seven out of every ten pregnant women in the United States are not getting enough Vitamin D according to a study published recently.

Sickle cell may affect brain function

Sickle cell disease may affect brain function in adults who have few or mild complications of the inherited blood disease, according to results of the first study to examine cognitive functioning in adults with sickle cell disease.

Endometrial stem cells restore dopamine

Endometrial stem cells injected into the brains of mice with a laboratory-induced form of Parkinson's disease appeared to take over the functioning of brain cells eradicated by the disease.

Agents that keep insulin working longer

More than half a century after researchers identified a promising way to treat diabetes based on blocking the breakdown of insulin in the body, a research team has developed potent molecules that can do just that.

Viagra may enhance herceptin delivery

New research suggests that a drug currently approved to treat erectile dysfunction may significantly enhance the delivery of the anti-cancer drug Herceptin to certain hard-to-treat brain tumours.

Mouse grimace scale identifies pain

A new study by researchers from McGill University and the University of British Columbia shows that mice, like humans, express pain through facial expressions.

Potential treatment for Gaucher's disease

In findings that advance scientists' understanding of a whole class of inherited disorders, scientists have shed light on a mechanism that enables a potential treatment for Gaucher's disease and other lysosomal storage diseases.

Vitamin A does not reduce maternal mortality

A trial in Ghana has shown that vitamin A supplementation does not reduce maternal mortality-contradicting previous findings from a trial in Nepal which showed a 44% decrease.

The bad and the worse of sleep

Researchers have found that people who sleep for less than six hours each night were 12 per cent more likely to die prematurely than those who get the recommended 6-8 hours.

Chickens shed light on ovarian cancer

Researchers have been using the chicken as a model to study this deadly disease and have recently discovered that a diet enriched with flaxseed decreases severity of ovarian cancer and increases survival in hens.

Managing the emotions behind eating

How many times have you, after a particularly hard day, reached for some chocolate or ice cream? It's common for many people, but for those trying to lose weight, it can be detrimental to their long term success, and most weight-loss...

Melanoma not caused by early UVA light exposure

Early life exposure to ultraviolet A light does not cause melanoma in a fish model that previously made that connection, scientists claim.

High-altitude research advances low-altitude medicine

High altitude medicine is a "natural research laboratory" for the study of cardiovascular physiology and pathophysiology. It can shed light on conditions and diseases that mimic the low oxygen content of the atmosphere at the top of...

Sleep disturbances associated with behaviour problems

Reports have suggested that sleep problems in children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders are associated with challenging daytime behaviours.




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