Improving male fertility

A newly developed, minimally invasive treatment for a common cause of male infertility can significantly improve a couple's chances of pregnancy.

Video of Alzheimer's improvement

New research into the treatment of Alzheimer's disease reports improvement in language abilities using a novel immune-based approach.

HIV destroys immune system quickly

New research into the earliest events occurring immediately upon infection with HIV-I shows that the virus deals a stunning blow to the...

Circadian rhythms and health

Exposure to irregular patterns of light and darkness can cause the human circadian system to fall out of synchrony with the 24-hour solar day, negatively affecting human health.

Vaccinating against avian flu

New evidence suggests that a booster vaccination against H5N1 avian influenza given years after initial vaccination with a different strain may prove useful in controlling a potential future pandemic.

Mind-body connection mechanism discovered

The stress hormone cortisol suppresses immune cells' ability to activate their telomerase, possibly explaining why the cells of persons...

Cancer immune response findings

Researchers conducting a clinical trial of a dendritic cell vaccine designed to fight glioblastoma multiforme have found a correlation between the two.

Stomach bug protection for kids

H. pylori, a long-time microbial inhabitant of the human stomach, may protect children from developing asthma, according to a new study among more than 7,000 subjects.

What's behind tremors

A group of scientists have succeeded in demonstrating the mechanisms which cause the so-called tremor: neuron clusters in the depths of the brain drive the tremor.

Supplementing cancer vaccines

Utilising hormone therapy in combination with traditional prostate cancer vaccine treatment the improved overall survival rate compared with either treatment alone.

Diabetes harms male fertility

Contrary to prevailing theories, recent research indicates that diabetes in men directly affects fertility with excess sugars harming sperm quality.

Sex-based kidneys

According to a recently published study, successful kidney transplants may hinge on linking the sex of the donor and recipient.

Food diary aids dieting

A recent study found that maintaining a food diary greatly aids dieting and can double the amount of weight a person loses in the process.

Select sperm carefully

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), where a single sperm is injected into an egg to fertilise it, is increasingly used to help infertile men father children.

PTSD linked to early death

Patients suffering from severe post-traumatic stress disorder showed a likelihood of early death from heart disease.

Vitamin reduces infant mortality

Recent research suggests administering a dose of vitamin A to newborn infants can reduce infant mortality by as much as 15 per cent.

Have sex to avoid problems

A recent study indicates that men who have intercourse more often are less likely to develop erectile dysfunction.

Caffeine after exercise benefits

Recipe to recover more quickly from exercise: Finish workout, eat pasta, and wash down with five or six cups of strong coffee.

Smokers prone to back pain

As if lung cancer, shortness of breath, bad breath, bad teeth, and infertility aren't enough, researchers add back pain to smoking's lengthy list of side effects.

Not so good weekends

Recent research suggests that while we may enjoy weekends, they prove detrimental to weight loss regiments. Saturdays are the worst.




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