Gastroesophageal cancer: IMAB362 shows strong evidence of single-agent activity

Trial results demonstrate safety and therapeutic benefits of antibody, says Ganymed Pharmaceuticals

Infectious diseases: remove market barriers to new treatments

Report highlights barriers - including high prices, patents, and the lack of adapted formulations

Advanced wound care: European hospitals boost investment

Innovative pricing strategies and product differentiation will be vital to increase profits, says Frost & Sullivan

Kidney patients: UV light helps numerous secondary conditions

Scientists investigate influence of UV light similar to the sun on vitamin D levels in people with chronic kidney insufficiency

Compact multifunctional haematology analyser

The new Pentra XLR brings reticulocyte technology with STAT capabilities to a smaller platform

Prostate cancer: 30 per cent reduction in mortality

Results achieved in a global clinical drug trial for the treatment of prostate cancer

Donors should have access to their own raw data provided to biobanks

Currently, data held in such biobanks are accessible only to researchers and not to the individuals who contributed the samples and data

Point-of-care analyser meets all standards set by independent certifying bodies

The Quo-Lab analyser offers laboratory accurate results from just 4µL of blood with a user friendly interface

Trial: non-invasive method of treating some small breast cancers

Hoped new therapy will eventually provide a non-invasive alternative to the surgical removal of some small tumours

Painkiller study helps tackle national headache of legal drugs addiction

Survey has identified potential triggers which put users at risk of becoming dependent on legal drugs

Tis the season for turkey, gravy, pie and acid reflux

Indulging during the holidays means more acid reflux, but prolonged reflux can lead to Barrett’s disease and oesophageal cancer

Children from less-affluent backgrounds ‘more likely to die’ following treatment for leukaemia in the UK

Lack of adherence to complex treatment regimens may underpin the variations in survival rates by social groups

Test identifies 14 high-risk types associated with the development of cervical cancer

Research points to benefits of HPV test for primary screening in cervical cancer screening programme

Traditional Chinese medicine seeks to receive FDA approval in US

Dantonic pill is a botanical product for the treatment of chronic stable angina pectoris due to coronary heart disease

Healthy diet plays vital role in living with HIV

Antiretrovirals and good nutrition are partners in helping people to feel better and manage their disease




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