Detecting sulphur in hydrocarbons

The petroleum industry relies on high-speed, accurate and regulation-compliant measurement of sulphur content to maintain productivity. Sean...

Magnetic beads for proteomic applications

Sample purity and throughput are areas of key importance for proteomics researchers

Winner of 2012 Winter Conference Award in Plasma Spectrochemistry

Submissions now being accepted for 2014 award, says Thermo Fisher Scientific

Vector network analysers for breast cancer screening research

Rohde and Schwarz has supplied high speed vector network analysers to Bristol University spin-out Micrima for the clinical trials

Measurements of biomolecular interactions

Determining both the affinity and binding stoichiometry for macromolecules in solution with no need for immobilisation or tagging

Chromatography medium for capture of human serum albumin

GE Healthcare launches Capto Blue affinity chromatography medium

Simplifying extraction of samples

Thermo Scientific's HyperSep SLE Range provides greater sample purity from biological samples

Improving chiral separation

Genevac Rocket Evaporator accelerates chiral separation and natural product sample preparation tasks

Chromatrap technology assists development of pediatric healthcare

Children's Research Institute research programmes target discoveries and cures in diseases that affect children

Beating the water shortage

ELGA Process Water helps a laboratory reduce its water footprint

Miniature spectrometer module

Incorporates a Hamamatsu High Sensitivity Infrared Enhanced CCD

Hitting moving RNA drug targets

RNA now is understood to perform a number of other vital roles in the cell

Ultra high pressure LC-MS proteomics analysis

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc has announced the launch of a new split-free, nano-flow UHPLC system

An alternative solid phase ChIP affinity matrix

Chromatin immunoprecipitation is an important technique in the study of DNA/protein interactions

Elga LabWater

ELGA LabWater specializes in delivering water purification systems for research, science, clinical and healthcare environments. Our pure and ultrapure water purification systems can provide a few liters or several thousands of liters of...

Pittcon highlights the latest lab science innovations

Pittcon is the world's premier conference and exposition on laboratory science and 2011 was no different in terms of the number of new...

Spectroscopy solutions for advanced metals characterisation

Thermo Fisher Scientific showcases solutions for advanced metals characterisation at CETAS 2011

Developing new solutions for biomarker discovery

QuantiPlasma Array is a monoclonal antibody microarray to assess the level of multiple proteins in human plasma

Project aims to shed light on the epigenetic mechanisms

Cellzome will apply its chemoproteomics platform to chart the changes of epigenetic factors during stem cell differentiation

Web microsite dedicated to solid state Chromatin Immunoprecipitation

Provides an informative background as to what ChIP technology is about and introduces the new solid state approach



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