affiline platform technology

For the design of artificial antibody-like binding proteins ­ the Affilines ­ Scil Proteins is developing the proprietary Affiline Platform Technology.

Imaging crystalline protein grains in 3D using X-ray diffraction

Preparing protein crystals has always been difficult because their growth mechanisms are not well understood. A better insight into these mechanisms is now possible, using a new imaging method based on coherent x-ray diffraction.

broad selectivity and high loading capacity of csps

Over the past 20 years the interest in developing more and more single enantiomeric drugs has grown tremendously since it has been demonstrated that the stereochemistry of such active substances is one of the major factors determining their...

Rapid sample analysis while maintaining resolution of components

Quadrex Corporation's range of non-polar PHAST GCTM columns with 0.10mm and 0.18mm I.D.s but with films up to 3.5microns thick. These PHAST GCTM columns allow for rapid sample analyses while maintaining ideal resolution of components.

Fast and flexible capillary electrophoresis

Organic acids and anions are essential molecules in environmental and biological processes. Their determination is important for the food, pharmaceutical and other industries for quality control as well as for research purposes.

Development in high-speed optical transmission systems

Even in the current economic downturn, the internet continues to experience exponential growth in data traffic. In order to accommodate and promote this growth we need not just higher capacity systems but ones that significantly reduced...

Affinity chromatography is focal point in proteomics techniques

John Curling reports on the use of affinity chromatography in protein research and development.

Proteomics goes on the march and outstrips computerised systems

Eric Russell looks at the technical advances in genomics and proteomics which have spawned a related revolution in the growing field of bioinformatics. This can be described as the acquisition, analysis, and storage of biological...

SPR-based instruments for molecular binding studies

Surface plasmon resonance enables the detailed study of biomolecular function in real time and without the need for fluorescent tags or radioactive markers, and often without the need for prior purification. Elab reports.

New analysis method helpsdevelop improved polymers

More accurate polymer analysis is helping develop improved polymers at a faster rate than ever before. Dr David Niehaus describes a new analysis method ­ the size exclusion chromatography cubed (SEC3) method which combines SEC,a laser...

Detecting total oxidisable carbon in ultrapure water

All reagents used in laboratories today are delivered with labels indicating the degree of purity and the maximum concentration levels for likely contaminants. Yet, the purityof the major reagent used in all laboratories is often not fully...

Sample temperature controlduring centrifugal evaporation

Good control of sample temperature during evaporation is required to achieve reasonably fast drying times and to ensure that the samples cannot be damaged by over heating. By Michael Cole.

Novel solution for particle size measurement problems

Work undertaken in Germany is demonstrating how a new particle size measurement technique is opening up many new applications areas in the laboratory. Heike Krischollek reports on the specific problems posed when dealing with biological...

Process screening by multi-reactor synthesis aids development

The competition to develop new and better chemicals, particularly for pharmaceutical applications, has been assisted by a range of tools that did not exist even three years ago. Dr Jasbir Singh reports.

"Sourcing chemicals, metals and lab materials"

With more than 15000 products in the current 1999-2000 Catalogue, Alfa Aesar is a source for chemicals, metals and laboratory materials from sizes for research to semi-bulk and bulk quantities. The catalogue carries high purity inorganics,...

Speed is the driving force for lab-on-a-chip device development

A quick walk around any electronics shop will show you that bigger is no longer better. Mobile phones are shrinking alarmingly, and advances in computing power has seen palmtop computers go from glorified battery-powered filofaxes to...

Outsourced contract research continues its move upstream

Outsourcing research and development is nothing new to pharmaceutical companies. However, the range of services being offered by contract research organisations continues to grow and the differences between client and customer are becoming...

Meeting the challenge of evolving demands in life science research

Today, the modern life science laboratory is equipped with more sophisticated instrumentation, increasingly automated to enable higher sample throughput. However, no matter what analytical techniques are being used, accuracy of results is...

Protein concentration prior to separation and analysis

Many research applications require concentration of dilute protein solutions. The miVac sample concentrator from Genevac provides a proven efficient and cost effective alternative to membrane centrifugation techniques for protein...

More efficiency in routine medicine: Luminos Fusion 2-in-1 system with flat panel detector

At the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) in Vienna, Austria, Siemens will introduce a new system for the mid-range price segment that can do both full-digital fluoroscopy and radiography.




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