High-purity skids used in trials for biopharmaceutical production

In order to meet critical production requirements for a clinical trial of a new treatment for Pompe disease – and help save the lives...

Biotechnology-driven therapies boost innovative treatments

Across Europe, biotechnology is driving advances in new therapies. Sean Ottewell outlines three of the latest innovations to tackle human...

Rapid and reliable test

Rapid screening test kits have many benefits in comparison to traditional testing methods for determining the presence of antibiotics in honey.

LC-MS/MS in the hunt for ‘illegal’ dyes in foodstuffs

The use of non-permitted (‘illegal’) dyes for colouring foodstuffs first came to public attention during May 2003 and resulted in
the largest ever food recall in UK history. This situation has presented an increasing...

Modular system for high-throughput protein purification

After completion of the human genome project, proteomics research has increasingly attracted the attention of the scientific community. However, progress in this field has been restrained by the difficulties encountered in isolating and...

Fast and specific HSA and IgG depletion for improved biomarker detection

The analysis of the complete proteome is a major interest of many researchers. Of particular importance are human bodily fluids such as serum or plasma due to their ease of accessibility and their potential for the identification of disease...

Microdosing trials point the way to smarter drug development

The last thing drug companies need now is an increase in time consuming and expensive clinical trials. But ongoing problems with Cox-2 inhibitors ­ and others ­ mean that regulators are likely to make just such a demand. At the same...

Digital multimodal imaging for biomarker detection

Darlene Wood reports on the use of charged-coupled device imaging systems in life science research imaging applications.

Measuring absolute molar mass and physical size of polymers

As the properties of a polymer can depend greatly on its size, there has always been a need to be able to measure it, both in terms of molar mass and physical size. The earliest polymers studied were materials such as elastomers and, later,...

Maintenance-free chromatography system

Robust and maintenance-free hardware is the main requirement for a strong and reliable chromatography system. Büchi has recently developed a new modular Flash chromatography system which is based on medium pressure chromatography...

Testing Toyopearl process materials

Toyoscreen is a fast method to test Toyopearl process materials.

Purification of Plasmid DNA by polishing and Endotoxin removal

Increasing requirements for higher purity plasmid DNA preparations have driven the development of new chromatography technologies. Victor Bornsztejn reports.

Automation innovations provide twin boost for lab efficiency

Known as Crystal Farm, a new imaging system developed in the USA simplifies and automates protein crystallisation by integrating incubation at chosen temperatures together with optical imaging of the crystal growth plates at pre-scheduled...

Using ultrasound technology to improve biotech drug economics and safety

In the high-stakes race to bring new biotech drugs to market faster, manufacturers rely on innovative technologies to improve yields and safeguard purity.

water for endocrine disrupter analysis

There is concern that certain molecules mimic hormones normally produced within the body and so interfere with their action.

Latest developments in carbon filter technology for recirculating fume cabinets

Robert Monks reports the development of a range of filters with environmentally friendly carbon.

Improved detection limits withX-ray fluorescence spectrometer

Dirk Wissman looks at the monitoring of limits for heavy metaltraces in pharmaceutical products using an energy-dispersiveX-ray fluorescence spectrometer.

Enhancing productivity in preparative separation of enantiomers

The separation of enantiomers by chromatography is a field expanding significantly due to the increasing interest for pure enantiomers in the pharmaceutical industry.

Sequential isolation of plasma proteins aids immunoglobulin yields

The demand for immunoglobulin is high and is predicted to rise. John Curling reports that current goals are to improve yield of immunoglobulin while maintaining product quality.

chromatography data system

Autoscribe Ltd's Varian Galaxie chromatography data system is now available. Galaxie is fully scalable from single chromatograph workstations to global implementations with an easy upgrade path.



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