Temperature regulations and circadian rhythms

Geneticists have made new inroads into understanding the regulatory circuitry of the biological clock that synchronises the ebb and flow of daily activities, according to two studies.

Chemical analysis of crystal growth uses infra-red technique

A team of scientists and engineers in northern England have developed an infra-red based technique that gives real time details about the chemical processes at work as crystallisation occurs.

Mass spectrometric comparison and evaulation of GC-MS and LC-MS analyses

The Compare tool recently developed for the mass spectra evaluation software package MassLib finds both qualitative and quantitative differences between two GC-MS or LC-MS analyses and presents the results graphically and in tabular form.

New chromatography column chemistries

Pall Life Sciences has launched a full palette of scaleable AcroSep 1ml columns with ion exchange, affinity, and mixed-mode chromatography chemistries.

Market focuses on high-speed, high-reproducibility arrays

Competition is fierce in the high-speed array market as 2009 sees a whole raft of new technologies launched onto the market. Sean Ottewell reports.

Genes enhance behavioural effects of addiction

New research sheds light on how cocaine regulates gene expression in a crucial reward region of the brain to elicit long-lasting changes in behaviour.

When atoms are getting close

The description of compounds and interactions between atoms is one of the basic objectives of chemistry.

SUMO protein guides chromatin remodeller

Researchers discovered how a protein called SUMO guides an enzyme complex that alters the structure of chromatin to regulate expression of genes.

Key factors in heart cell creation

Scientists at the Gladstone Institute of Cardiovascular Disease have identified for the first time key genetic factors that drive the process of generating new heart cells.

Newly discovered epidermal growth factor receptor

A pathologist has identified an epidermal growth factor receptor aberrantly active in approximately a third of the 250 human pancreatic cancers studied.

New microbial DNA production reaction

A team of researchers has discovered a new chemical reaction for producing one of the four nucleotides, or building blocks, needed to build DNA.

Mimicry at the molecular level

A new study draws new parallels between the Rad60 DNA repair factor and SUMO, a small ubiquitin-like modifier, which are both essential for maintaining genome stability during replication.

Hiding dangerous DNA segments

Scientists report that Chp1, a histone-binding protein, helps recruit molecular machinery that establishes heterochromatin 'silencing' domains.

3D structures of human clock proteins

Researchers have been able to determine the molecular structure of a plant photolyase protein that is surprisingly similar to two...

Comprehensive proteome analysis

Scientists have deciphered a large percentage of the total protein complement in Schizosaccharomyces pombe (S. pombe) fission yeast.

Orientation of antenna in bacteria

Scientists have figured out the orientation of a protein in the antenna complex to its neighbouring membrane in a photosynthetic bacterium.

Preparative SFE/SFC System

JASCO is proud to announce the release of the new Preparative SFE/SFC system. This unit features a versatile modular design and excellent performance.

Cyclograph Deluxe Centrifuge Chromotography Device

The CycloGraph system is a centrifugally accelerated device for performing preparative thin layer radial separations.

Diagnosis of heart disease

A research team reports their initial experience with a novel imaging technique that enables comprehensive diagnosis of heart disease based on a single CT scan.

CagA induced disease

Cytotoxin-associated gene A protein from type I H.pylori has been proved by epidemiological and experimental studies to be closely associated with the H.pylori induced gastric diseases.




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