Software solutions handle data from different vendors

Growing end-user demand for interface simplicity and seamless deployment is driving software solutions that can handle data from many...

New miniature spectrometer launched

Producer of the first miniature spectrometer reveals new offering designed to deliver high thermal stability and low unit to unit variation

The rise of Raman

In an exclusive interview with EuroLab, Dr Adrian Knowles reveals the latest advances and new applications of Raman spectroscopy

Post-harvest chemical stable isotope labelling

Osama Chahrour and John Malone look at post-harvest chemical stable isotope labelling methods in mass spectrometry-based quantitative...

Studying dissolved gases in aqueous solution

Hiden Analytical mass spectrometer series is specifically designed for monitoring dissolved gases

Raman spectroscopy substrates

Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy substrates from Ocean Optics

New spectrometer series

Analytik announces the new GL Gonio spectrometer series from GL Optic

Rapid evaporation ion mass spectrometry technology

REIMS also has the potential of breaking new ground in the area of food safety research in addition to its clinical applications

Multiple awards for analytical instruments expert

Thermo Fisher Scientific wins three R&D 100 awards for technology innovations

High-quality ATR data collection

Monolithic diamond attenuated total reflectance accessory offers rapid, detailed sample analysis

Autosampler for atomic absorption spectrometers and TOC analysers

Analytik Jena AG is introducing a new generation of autosamplers for a wide range of products

Enhanced interface for spectral absorbance detection

Touchscreen interface offers an enhanced user experience, with intuitive navigation and a high resolution display

New applications notes released for spectrometer

US provider of compact NMR and MRI instruments releases three new applications notes on its spectrometetry solutions

Spectrometer for harsh environments protected by conduit

Flexible conduit protects world’s first fully automated spectrometer for climate research

New spectroscopy instrument for high-sensitivity applications

Product launch from Netherlands-headquartered spectroscopy expert

Novel atomic absorption spectrometers enable analysis of non-metals for the first time

The High-Resolution Continuum Source AAS technology (HR-CS AAS) now also enables the detection of non-metals using an AAS instrument, the...

Avantes expands their machine shop

Avantes, leading innovator in the field of spectroscopy, is proud to announce the expansion of their machine shop. The machine shop is...

Analytik Jena AG: SPECORD celebrates 50 years!

2013 marked the 50th anniversary of the SPECORD®, one of the most successful analysis instruments from Jena. Analytik Jena acquired the...

Ocean Optics spectrometers enable field application

A pair of super-lightweight miniature spectrometers from Ocean Optics is helping researchers investigate plant parameters in a verdant patch...

Microscopy & Microanalysis 2013

At the Microscopy & Microanalysis 2013 Meeting, Bruker introduces two new instruments which further expand its portfolio of high-performance...



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