£200k metrology research project

Research project enables firearms and ammunition to achieve same degree of scientific accuracy as DNA

Microplate reader and washer duo

Absorbance reader and washer introduced

Control capability drives pharmaceutical pump selection

Control capability drives pump selection at Fidia Farmaceutici

X-ray microtomography experiments

Luleå University of Technology is using the Deben CT5000TEC stage to perform x-ray microtomography experiments

Digital microscope launched

Keyence introduces new VHX series digitial microscope

Improving pharmaceutical manufacturing

Partners launch new plug-in to improve production efficiency

What’s new at Lab Innovations 2017

Explore the latest challenges and possibilities industry faces, including laboratory sustainability, funding strategies

Separation and characterisation of complex charged molecules

The EAF2000 system integrates Postnova's AF2000 Asymmetrical Flow FFF system, with an additional Electrical FFF module

Micro bioreactor with cell culture analyser

Unique system offers collection of massive quantities of cell culture data

Sterile plastic bags greatly benefit microbiological food testing

Inlabtec Serial Diluter users are routinely able to obtain perfect dilutions leading to improved accuracy and precision of their testing...

Automated plate handler

S-LAB is a compact, and affordable single instrument loading solution, with the same reliability as a robotic arm

Ensuring waterborne pathogens are accurately and reproducibly identified

Chromogenic ID media software module for ISO 9308-1 compliant plates

Condensed matter physics research could revolutionise data transfer and storage

Maximal Rashba-like spin splitting via kinetic energy-coupled inversion symmetry breaking

Pharma operational efficiency through robotics and inventory logistics

Flexible automation and sample tracking system delivers significant savings by reducing compound management protocols at major pharma companies

Human character detection

Sophisticated technology can tell if people are lying, disagreeing, curious, judgmental, passionate or nervous with high levels of accuracy

Walkaway automation for biochemical assays

Designed to reliably automate plate loading, unloading and re-stacking for non-lidded SLAS-format microplates

In-situ hydrolysis SPE plates

Enables chemists to perform sample hydrolysis within the extraction plate

Microplate products for drug discovery

Automation-friendly system offers the versatility to be able to productively remove solvent from a wide range of sample formats

Imaging software

Lab infrastructure solution Zeiss ZEN 2 core is connecting systems, data and workflows



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