Machine learning for microscopy

Zeiss introduces machine learning capability for microscopy

Faster sample preparation

Q-sep extraction salts make QuEChERS even easier

Quick chemi blot imaging

New chemiluminescence imaging system introduced

Enhanced software package

Enhanced software now features active focus stabilisation

New confocal microscope

Get reliable data quickly with Olympus’ LEXT OLS5000

Microbiology lab modernisation project

Technidata participates in the microbiology lab modernisation of the Grenoble Alpes University Hospital

New solution for automating plate management

Genedata and Titian collaborate to deliver seamless flow from sample inventory to data analysis

Guidance on measuring trace amounts

Satoshi Ikeda reveals how to measure trace amounts of sample by X-ray fluorescence analysis

Chromatography and food

Andrew Williams reports on the application of chromatography techniques to analyse food products

New microplate reader technology

Celeste Glazer explains how a smart new solution offers everything the user needs in a microplate reader

Breakthrough for ischemia-reperfusion research

Andrea Krumm reports on an innovative microplate reader that measures the effects of rapid oxygen changes

Small yet mighty

A small footprint enables the latest spectrophotometers to deliver impressive ease of use and functionality

New automated microscopy platform

Live cell imaging system launched

Mobile hyperspectral camera revealed

Camera designed to set a new standard in usability and information availability

Micro scanning tomography experiments

Deben reports on a new publication from scientists at La Trobe University in Australia

Direct mercury analysis report

Nippon Instruments publishes method for measurement of total mercury in sediment using direct mercury analysis

HTC analytical conference comes to the UK

International symposium comes to the UK

New colour camera

Specialised Imaging has developed a new colour version of its SIR3 camera

Automated microscopy platform

Latest Zeiss Celldiscoverer 7 for live cell imaging

New FTIR spectrophotometers

Smallest footprint meets exceptional ease of use and functionality



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