Vacuum pumps of the new generation

Leybold presents advanced vacuum technology at Analytica

Fast laser-free confocal device launched

Aurox launches next-generation ClarityHS, 100fps, laser-free confocal device

Shimadzu at Analytica

“Excellence in Science” solutions for routine and high-end applications

Gradient coil upgrade service

MR Solutions launches a gradient coil upgrade service for MRI systems

LIMS specialist showcasing system at Analytica

Autoscribe to exhibit at this year's Analytica event

Drop the drill

Exploring Nature’s potential for the prevention or reversal of tooth decay

Integrated raman spectral database software

WITec is now offering TrueMatch, a powerful software component for accessing and creating Raman spectral databases.

Bespoke beamline engineering

Exploring the Diamond Sample Manipulator

Clinical pathology lab improves productivity

Eurofins Biomnis improves sample preparation at its clinical pathology lab

New standalone heater module

Heater module for flow chemistry glass static mixer chips

New imaging products showcased

Syngene to present new-look imaging systems at ArabLab

Advanced lab management system

Single software solution helps manage the entire laboratory process across all analytical techniques

Time-saving colony counters

Colony counters, microbial ID and sample preparation systems showcased at ArabLab

Hands-free pipetting

Integra launches hands-free multichannel pipetting

New automated cell imaging system

Cellular imaging acquisition and analysis system at an affordable price point

New pretreatment module

Complete LC/MS solution for cell culture analysis

Collaboration to upskill Ireland’s biopharma workforce

Emerson technologies will help NIBRT prepare for transition to manufacturing digitisation for new biopharma therapies

French biobank centre gets IT upgrade

One of the largest French Biobanking centres has chosen Technidata to modernise its IT infrastructure

New gel imaging system

Compact, cost-effective system puts scientists in control of their gel imaging

Software processes huge amounts of single-cell data

Scientists have developed a program that is able to help manage enormous datasets



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