ICP-OES allows for sensitive analysis of organic samples

Dirk Ardelt, George Glavin, Sergej Leikin and Henk Visser look at the use of inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectroscopy and the potential difficulties in its use in analysing organic samples.

MALDI-TOF spectrometers have now become the instrument of choice

Eric Russell looks at the increasing use of MALDI-TOFspectrometers in the laboratory environment and are nowthe instruments of choice for the analysis of proteins,peptides, oligonucleotides and synthetic polymers.

A brief guide to quantitative analysis of electrophoresis gels

Dr Paul N Goulding discusses some of the important aspects of getting anumbers from pictures' ­ that is quantitative gel analysis.

Determine oxidative stability of oils and fats based on AOCS Cd 12b-92

In order to assess the quality of edible oils and fats and to check their storage properties one often needs a test that determines the stability of the products at short notice and requires a minimum of work. Werner Schneider reports.

A worthwhile procedure for bread volume measurement

All over the world, test baking is the most common procedure followed by mills for determining the baking quality of their flour. Test baking is also the method used by bakeries in their quality control laboratories.

Ingredient companies...

Analysis of moisture content is critical to ensuring material quality

Moisture content analysis is a critical component of material quality and essentially a function of quality control in most production and laboratory facilities. From biological research organisations, pharmaceutical manufacturers, to food...

Nitrogen/protein determination validated by combustion method

How recent advances in the combustion method have made it perfectly suitable to cope effortlessly with the wide array of food safety laboratory requirements.



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