Safety focus for food and drink lab analysis

Health, safety and even religious demands are ensuring that food and drink laboratory analysts need the very latest in detection...

Determining equilibrium affinity and stoichiometry in solution via light scattering

Sophia Kenrick and Daniel Some look at efficient automation of composition-gradient multi-angle light scattering measurements for...

Advances in chromatography and spectroscopy

The best new releases focus on lower detection limits, better precision and improved productivity

Rising to the challenge of EVMPD

Sean Ottewell looks at the latest information management systems to administer new requirements concerning the collection, reporting, coding...

Delivering on the promise of the paperless lab

Susan Najjar demonstrates how the paperless lab can improve efficiency, compliance and quality by integrating data silos and automating...

Roche launches 454 sequencing assays

Roche has announced the launch and immediate availability of the GS GType TET2/CBL/KRAS and the GS GType RUNX1 Primer Sets for comprehensive genetic variation detection in four key human genes using the company’s 454 GS Junior and GS FLX...

Agilent technologies launches new software for gel permeation chromatography

Agilent Technologies has announced the launch of the new Agilent GPC/SEC software for gel permeation/size exclusion chromatography with improved measurement and reporting capabilities for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

"Junk DNA" can sense viral infection

Once considered unimportant "junk DNA," scientists have learned that non-coding RNA (ncRNA) - RNA molecules that do not translate into proteins - play a crucial role in cellular function. Mutations in ncRNA are associated with a number...

New spin-off develops cough monitor for pigs

The idea behind the Pig Cough Monitor, the first commercial product by SoundTalks, a new KU Leuven-University of Milan spin-off, is simple: microphones hung in a pigsty monitor bovine coughing patterns and alert the farmer if coughing...

Contact-free analysis of chemical substances

Is it drugs, medicines or explosives? At the Analytica trade fair, Fraunhofer researchers, joined by the Hübner Company, are presenting a terahertz spectrometer that provides reliable, contact-free identification of substances.

DIY drugstores in development at the University of Glasgow

A new 3D printing process developed at the University of Glasgow could revolutionise the way scientists, doctors and even the general public create chemical products.

Jenway’s new top-of-the-range 6850 spectrophotometer

The 6850 UV/visible spectrophotometer is Jenway’s first double-beam instrument with a variable spectral bandwidth – of 5nm down to...

BioScope Catalyst Atomic Force Microscope

MIRO software allows optical images to precisely guide AFM imaging and force measurements and creates correlated AFM and optical datasets with flexible offline analysis features.

MM-400/800 Measuring Microscopes

Most parts requiring inspection today are a wide variety of different sizes, shapes and materials and all demand creative new approaches to traditional microscopy.

SOLATek 72 Multi-Matrix Vial Autosampler

Attain maximum throughput with 72-vial capacity, the highest quality sample pathway materials, and automated multiple additions for internal standard, surrogate and matrix spikes.

ProScan II Motorised Stage Systems

The ProScanII Motorised Stage System is designed to exceed the most stringent demands of customers' applications.

High accuracy AOI systems

Fully-automated 3D inspection and high accuracy measurement systems. These are full-colour systems capable of high accuracy measurements, defect detection and colour verification.

Automated method for isolation of total RNA

The Strategene Absolutely RNA Microprep Kit allows high throughput isolation of total RNA from small samples of cultured cells.

Cooled reservoir holders advantages

Porvair Sciences has introduced CoolTrough - a new range of chilled reusable reagent reservoir holders designed to preserve the integrity of reagents and extend working time at zero to 5ºC.

Enhancing tomato analyser software

A remarkable tool allows scanning devices to be calibrated using colour standards. The objective of the research was to implement a new digital image analysis tool.




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