Hormones, brain activity, and sex

A new study is the first to demonstrate differences in brain activity as women considered masculinised and feminised male faces and whether...

Prototyping with Industrial Robots

The production of a new ship's propeller is time consuming because a foundry workers must first fashion a model and a mold based on it. Industrial robots will support them in the future.

Tube selector reduces contamination

For laboratories looking to reduce sample contamination the new Micronic Tube Selector enables 'hands-free' manual picking and placing of...

New robotic repair system

Researchers at Queen's University are developing a new robotic system to service more than 8,000 satellites now orbiting the Earth, beyond the flight range of ground-based repair operations.

Protein-cholesterol interactions in brain

In a recent study, biophysicists have used 3,200 computer processors and long-established data on cholesterol's role in the function of...

Software for future robotic interplanetary missions

An international team of engineers is to develop mission-critical control software for future European robotic space missions, it has been announced.

Solid-state NMR moves toward atomic-scale resolution of proteins

A team of researchers has developed unique uses of solid-state NMR spectroscopy. Scientist Live spoke with Dr. Rienstra about his...

Solvent Enhanced Light Scattering technique

Viscotek has released an application note that describes a new light scattering technique that could be very helpful in Gel Permeation...

Flexible, modular microscope

Life science research and routine applications will benefit from the outstanding flexibility and adaptability brought to the market by the Axio Scope.A1 microscope.

Microscope control and image evaluation software

Users in the fields of life sciences and materials microscopy can benefit from faster, easier-to-use and intelligent microscope control and image evaluation with the launch of AxioVision 4.7.

Investigating the origin of life

Scientists at Penn State have developed a new computational method that they say will help them to understand how life began on Earth.

Temperature controlled reaction chemistry

Used with a suitable circulator the new Storm Workstation from Radleys provides precise controlled heating and cooling from -65 to +200 ºC.

Urine chemistry analyser

The Clinitek Advantus Analyser is a highly productive, semi-automatic urine chemistry analyser that can perform up to 500 tests per hour.

CHN Elemental Analyser

Determination of the Carbon, Hydrogen and Nitrogen content is a widely used analytical technique to confirm the composition and / or purity of an unknown sample.

Automated powder dispensing

The Powdernium workstation is an automated powder dispensing system that provides increased levels of performance, significantly increasing productivity and saving valuable sample preparation time.

Label-free Interaction Analysis

Utilising novel Resonant Acoustic Profiling technology, the RAPid 4 is a flow-based analysis system which performs label-free interaction analysis.

MagnaRay Spectrometer

Thermo Fisher Scientific announced the launch of the first intelligent Wavelength Dispersive X-ray spectrometer, the Thermo Scientific MagnaRay WDS Spectrometer.

Mps1 strugture revealed

Scientist have deciphered the 3D structure of a protein that regulates the number of chromosomes during cell division and that plays an essential role in the prevention of cancer.

Crawling the Web: Environmental genes

Everyday, Scientist Live turns its eyes to the Web around it and highlights news and research across the Internet. Today we look take an extended look at how genes and the environment interact.

CD4 monitoring package

Guava Technologies announced a complete turnkey package for CD4 monitoring that requires minimum technical expertise to operate and obtain high quality results.




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