Cooled reservoir holders advantages

Porvair Sciences has introduced CoolTrough - a new range of chilled reusable reagent reservoir holders designed to preserve the integrity of reagents and extend working time at zero to 5ºC.

Enhancing tomato analyser software

A remarkable tool allows scanning devices to be calibrated using colour standards. The objective of the research was to implement a new digital image analysis tool.

New tool for genome-wide association studies

Modern genotyping technologies offer new opportunities to explore how genes influence health and disease, but also present the challenge of analysing huge amounts of genetic and clinical data.

Detecting disease in greenhouse plants

A team of researchers led a study examining the stresses of a variety of greenhouse plants. Understanding how to keep greenhouse plants healthy can translate to increased revenue for producers.

Software speeds enzyme design

Computer scientists and biochemists have developed and laboratory-tested a computer program that can show experimentalists how to change the machinery that bacteria use to make natural antibiotics.

The robots are coming

A research whose specialty is developmental robotics is trying to figure out how a robot can learn what children learn over the first two years of their lives.

Productive sample storage

Micronic Europe has introduced a new Deluxe Starter Pack for laboratories looking to securely and traceably store thousands of samples per month.

Tension in the nanoworld

A joint team of researchers report the non-invasive and nanoscale resolved infrared mapping of strain fields in semiconductors.

Rapid analysis of impurities in solid metallic samples

Thermo Fisher Scientific has developed a unique solution to provide fast and efficient impurity analysis of solid metals, including steels, platinum group metals, gold and other conductive materials.

Safeguarding valuable samples

SampleGuard temperature control, available as an option on Genevac HT-Series evaporator systems, protects samples from any possibility of overheating when evaporation is complete.

Accelerating purification of biological molecules

Porvair Filtration Group has announced that it will unveil, at Pittcon 2009 (Booth 3877), a new range of innovative, solid-state sample preparation products enabling life scientists to accelerate the purification of biological molecules and...

Humidity transmitter offers improved connectivity

Vaisala HUMICAP Humidity and Temperature Transmitter Series HMT330 has been upgraded with LAN and WLAN communication options and a display alarm.

Assessing the quality of proteins using light scattering techniques

Ulf Nobbmann uses two case studies to illustrate the practical application of different light scattering techniques.

Medical imaging equipment OEMs can achieve faster results

Texas Instruments has announced a portfolio of more than 15 dedicated embedded processors which enable faster, more accurate results for doctors and clinicians while empowering imaging equipment manufacturers to develop new modalities or to...

Peristaltic pumps deliver accurate and contamination-free dosing

With factors such as contamination-free operation, accuracy, dose repeatability, ease of operation and simple maintenance on its side, more and more laboratories are opting to use peristaltic pumping technology. Ashley Shepherd explains.

Re-use of technology lies at the heart of business expansion

As western pharma firms look to distant waters to land their next big opportunities, success will depend on efficient re-use of technology, particularly where electronic submissions are concerned. Kate Wilber explains.

Automated agility boosts use the of electronic document systems

Driven by the demands of the electronic common technical document (eCTD) standard and made easier by hosted offerings, electronic document management is enjoying a renaissance among mid-sized pharma organisations - and for good reason, says...

Science News: Measuring war

A mortality figure based on a survey may appear unambiguous, but critics tend to exploit the public's unfamiliarity with sampling methods, inferences from samples, and resulting confidence intervals.

Sleep helps people learn

Sleep helps the mind learn complicated tasks and helps people recover learning they otherwise thought they had forgotten over the course of a day.

Change management software cuts production downtime

By introducing change management and version control software for all industrial programmable devices in a manufacturing plant, a soft drinks giant has minimised production downtime, therefore avoiding costly delays and disrupting delivery...




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