Autostainer Link update

The new instrument uses revolutionary Dako Link software and provides connectivity options to greatly improve workload management and report generation, while retaining optimal staining results.

Direct determination of Organic Carbon

A method for direct automated elemental analysis of organic carbon in sediment samples with a minimum of sample preparation is available for the Exeter Analytical Model CE-440 CHN Elemental Analyser.

Portable FT-IR Spectrometers

A2 Technologies announced enhancements to its product line, designed for on-site lubrication analysis of systems in the power industry

Data Analysis Software

The ease and speed with which flow cytometry data can be analysed has been vastly improved thanks to Applied Cytometry's revolutionary VenturiOne software.

New chromatography system

The RImax Gel Permeation / Size Exclusion Chromatography system is a tool for the characterisation of natural and synthetic polymers.

Listeria Propulsion Exhibits Nano-Saltation

Scientists developed a computational model of Listeria monocytogenes propulsion that explicitly simulates a large number of monomer-scale biochemical and mechanical interactions.

Fit for Purpose and Value for Money

The KISS principle serves as a useful principle in a wide array of disciplines, such as software development, animation, photography, engineering, and strategic planning.

Mind over matter

A monkey has successfully fed itself with fluid, well-controlled movements of a human-like robotic arm by using only signals from its brain.

New device reliably couples gas chromatography columns

Once again, the major equipment suppliers have chosen Pittcon to launch their latest innovations. Sean Ottewell looks at some of the best in...

Software processes mountains of genome data

New software is one of a new breed of computer programs able to accurately process the mountains of genome data flowing from the latest generation of gene decoding machines

Femtogram-level measurements

Researchers have demonstrated a method for simultaneous structural and chemical characterisation of samples at the femtogram level and below.

Precise 3-D imageing of the human brain

New technology at is enabling researchers to translate the most abstract, complex scientific concepts into clearer, more precise 3-dimensional images.

Designer enzyme protection

Designer enzymes will have applications for defence against biological warfare, by deactivating pathogenic biological agents.

MALDI LTQ XL mass spectrometer

The addition of MALDI to the LTQ XL linear ion trap provides information-rich spectra that are essential for the analysis of digested proteins and PTMs.

Y501 Automated Relative Viscometer

The Y501 Automated Relative Viscometer (ARV) from Viscotek is a productive system for automated measurement of the viscosities.



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