Sample position illuminator feature added

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc has announced the introduction of a Sample Position Illuminator feature for its NanoDrop 8000 Spectrophotometer.

Illumination corrected images improve sample measurements

Douglas Wood Ph.D, Gilbert Feke Ph.D, Douglas Vizard Ph.D, and Rao Papineni Ph.D report on the analysis of fluorescence images applying...

High-throughput sequencing identifies a new Arenavirus

Arenaviruses are enveloped, negative-strand RNA viruses in rodents, most frequently transmitted to humans via infected urine. Dr Burkhard...

Picking up the pace as labs make use of high-speed connections

Tough market conditions coupled with intense global competition means not even the pharma industry can allow procedure and regulations to...

Research collaborations continue hunting drug targets

In the ongoing search for novel drug targets, a number of existing collaborations have been extended while new ones have just been...

Tracking influenza

When the flu isn't making people sick, it seems to just vanish. Yet, every year, everywhere on Earth, it reappears in the appropriate season and starts its attack.

Analysis of protein patterns

Scientists have developed a software toolbox that is intended to help bioscience researchers characterise protein patterns in human tissues.

Video game protein folding

A new game, named Foldit, turns protein folding into a competitive sport. Introductory levels teach the rules, which are the same laws of physics by which proteins form.

RTS SolidPrep

RTS SolidPrep provides high speed preparation of tablets and other solid dose pharmaceuticals for assay, impurity and dose content uniformity applications.

TomKey USB temp recorder

TomKey is an USB key for recording and displaying temperature now available from exclusive UK distributor Don Whitley Scientific.

Software processes mountains of genome data

New software is one of a new breed of computer programs able to accurately process the mountains of genome data flowing from the latest generation of gene decoding machines

Femtogram-level measurements

Researchers have demonstrated a method for simultaneous structural and chemical characterisation of samples at the femtogram level and below.

Precise 3-D imageing of the human brain

New technology at is enabling researchers to translate the most abstract, complex scientific concepts into clearer, more precise 3-dimensional images.

Designer enzyme protection

Designer enzymes will have applications for defence against biological warfare, by deactivating pathogenic biological agents.

MALDI LTQ XL mass spectrometer

The addition of MALDI to the LTQ XL linear ion trap provides information-rich spectra that are essential for the analysis of digested proteins and PTMs.

Y501 Automated Relative Viscometer

The Y501 Automated Relative Viscometer (ARV) from Viscotek is a productive system for automated measurement of the viscosities.



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