High throughput sample clean-up

The Microlute SPE sample preparation system from Porvair Sciences provides a faster, trouble-free alternative to cartridges for high...

COMPAMED - Trend Report: The road to personalised medical care (and technology) is also advancing thanks to suppliers and their know-how

The health care industry sees medical technology as an especially innovative, promising growth "field". In no other area does the general population welcome the increase in technology more than in modern medical technology.

Cap strips offer targeted area microplate sealing

Porvair Sciences has introduced a new range of cap strips that provide high integrity sealing of deep well plates (2ml, 1ml and 350ul square...

New food and beverage tests make their debut

Major new analytical tests for the food and drinks industries will make their UK debut at easyFairs LAB INNOVATIONS on 7th and 8th November...

Economic approach to protein precipitation sample preparation

The Combipack™ is Porvair Sciences economic response to the growing use of protein precipitation separation techniques in chromatography...

96-well SPE cleanup & analyte enrichment

The Microlute™ 96 well SPE microplate from Porvair Sciences is designed to automate solid phase extraction cleanup and analyte enrichment...

Integrated solutions for biobank sample storage

Drawing upon over 25 years experience of helping labs safeguard their samples - Micronic Europe has built a global reputation for...

Food Safety and Software Development

Local skill shortages in both the Food Safety and Software Development sectors were addressed by Queen’s University Belfast, when it announced exciting new plans that will help boost the Northern Ireland economy.

Engineering the ‘smart healthcare’ of the future

From medical implants to new drug treatments, nanotechnology is the big new hope for the future of health and human wellbeing but how to manufacture and scale up the production of nanoparticles and nanocomposites from an engineering point...

Keyence laser scanning microscope

The Institute for Material Synthesis and Manufacturing Processes develops and researches high-performance materials and innovative manufacturing processes for efficient energy converters of the future. The range of topics includes solid...

Siemens introduces Acuson P300 compact portable ultrasound system

New offering provides high performance and reliability in the compact portable ultrasound market Siemens Healthcare expands its ultrasound...

BioDrop TOUCH UV/Vis spectrophotometer

At ACHEMA 2012, BioDrop Ltd extended the BioDrop family of products, which represents fresh thinking for micro-volume measurement, with the...

Thermo Fisher Scientific named Company of the Year

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, has announced that Frost & Sullivan recently named it the company of the year for integrated biobanking solutions.

Automation accelerates development

Accelerating the development time required for new products

Super resolution digital microscope with automated measurements

Digital microscopy manufacturer, Keyence has released its latest microscope system, the VHX-2000

Automation to push molecular diagnostics markets to new level

The potential for enhanced clinical efficiency and reduced costs is fuelling the interest of healthcare stakeholders in preventive medicine. Molecular diagnostics is a vital tool to support this trend

Purifying and isolating biomolecules

Purification is key when it comes to isolating biomolecules. Here we look at the best of the latest filtration and purification technologies...

Characterisation tools measures up for food science

Researchers have developed a variety of improved and novel colloidal delivery systems for food and pharmaceutical applications

Safety focus for food and drink lab analysis

Health, safety and even religious demands are ensuring that food and drink laboratory analysts need the very latest in detection...

Determining equilibrium affinity and stoichiometry in solution via light scattering

Sophia Kenrick and Daniel Some look at efficient automation of composition-gradient multi-angle light scattering measurements for...




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