Japan set to lead in mobile phones as the march of i-mode continues

It looks as though Japan will take over the lead in mobile telephones as its i-mode system gains ground while WAP gives way to GPRS, General Packet Radio Service, the halfway house to full scale 3G third generation phones. Here, Eric...

Dubai to become centre of e-commerce world

The Middle East could become the world's hub for communications following recent developments in the region, Eric Russell reports.

It will centre on Dubai where a recently opened e-commerce acity complex' is already attracting...

Determining the transport of water vapour through materials

The transport of water molecules through solids is commonplace and of significance to diverse industries. The interest lies in preventing ingress of water vapour and the associated product protection. Equally there are applications...

Clear sample solutions in analysis of fruit and vegetable juice

Dr Achim Gessler looks at the problems associated with control and monitoring during the process analysis of fruit and vegetable juices.

Affinity chromatography is focal point in proteomics techniques

John Curling reports on the use of affinity chromatography in protein research and development.

"The drawbacks of FT-IR are tackled, while NIR technology goes portable"

High cost and poor performance have hampered development ofFT-IR imaging technology in the past. All that could change withthe development of new detector technology. At the same time, advances in NIR technology have produced a portable...

rapid tests are method choice for easy screening

Most of the rapid tests are sandwich immuno assays indicating the analyte via the intensity of a colored line. Professional users are competent to evaluate more or less intensive discolorations which indicate a yes or no result.

Gearing up LIMS for the challenge of burgeoning bioinformatics

Conventional LIMS systems will struggle to meet the demands of the booming bioinformatics business. Joe Peden outlines the challenges involved and shows how they are being overcome bya new LIMS system.

drug discovery: a range of solutions

Pharmaceutical companies are currently facing the challenge of significantly increasing the number of NCEs to sustain profitability and investor confidence. This directly impacts on HTS, as this process is at the centre of lead discovery in...

Advances in the automated image analysis of particles and cells

Particle shape and function are intimately linked. However, because of the lack of a universal shape analysis technique, the exact relationship between the two has been hard to define. As David Higgs explains, new technology is now likely...

Proteomics goes on the march and outstrips computerised systems

Eric Russell looks at the technical advances in genomics and proteomics which have spawned a related revolution in the growing field of bioinformatics. This can be described as the acquisition, analysis, and storage of biological...

Automated RNA purification for gene-expression analysis projects

As the sequence of the human genome is deciphered, determining gene function and gene expression are becoming the focus of life science research. Carola Schade and Achim Wehren reports.

Nucleic acid separation system gives precision fragment sizing

A bioanalyser used in conjuction with a kit to size DNA fragments generated by restriction enzyme digestion can overcome limitations of slab gel electrophoresis. Odilo Mueller reports.

IR microscope speeds sample analysis

The Centaurµs infrared (IR) microscope, from Thermo Nicolet, has been designed for the rapid throughput of samples in the pharmaceutical, polymer, forensic and microelectronic industries.

Keeping up with the competition: the driving force for new products

Eric Russell looks at the influence of internal and external drivers on biotechnology equipment development and the role of the laboratory scientist.

Phone maker cuts leadtime for new handsets to 72 hours

Here is a company that did not exist two years ago. Nowit makes phones in China, configures them in Holland, plans contract manufacture of the core electronics in Eastern Europe, and claims to have slashed time-to-market to just three days....

WAP if it is not to wither away then what happens now?

Many people seem to believe that wireless application protocol (WAP) has been overpromoted. Eric Russell investigates the development of the WAP market, highlights some concerns within the industry, and makes a contrast with the approach...

Open source comes to high speed Internet chips

Open source ideas are moving from operating systems such as Linux to the chips being used for the latest DSL equipment. Nick Flaherty reports.

aIntelligent' system for safety and security network areas

An aintelligent' 19-inch rack system has been outfitted with a new chip card reader for access control. Safety and security-relevant network areas ­ for example the internal Intranets ­ are now protected from unauthorised access and...

"Bluetooth, Linux and Fibre Channel feature at CeBIT 2001"

CeBIT 2001, the world business fair for office automation, information technology and telecommunications, takes place in Hannover, Germany, between 22nd to 28th March. More than 8015 companies from 60 different countries will be exhibiting...




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