Particle size analysis system

The new range of CPS Disc Centrifuges for particle size analysis consists of 4 models for use with various materials. These include polymer latexes (aqueous) with any particle density, emulsions of oils and waxes, titanium dioxide,...

Storing and sharing analytical data for maximum commercial benefit

Data-mining, viewing and comparison of data across the organisation are just a few of the issues surrounding the archival of analytical data to facilitate knowledge management. Here, Kevin Smith examines the issues in depth and introduces a...

workbench automation in drug discovery

Competition in all chemical related markets, ie pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, fine chemicals etc. has put considerable pressure on the development of new compounds.

ft-ir microscopy can help identify hit-and-run vehicles

For many applications in the areas of forensics, pharmaceuticals, life sciences and semiconductor development it is essential to analyse two-dimensional samples by infrared (IR) spectroscopy with high spatial resolution.

Streamlining purchasing with a global e-procurement solution

When one of the world's major pharmaceutical companies decides to streamline its enterprise-wide purchasing processes, it needs a solution that is rich in product data, requisition consolidation, reporting and catalogue management, and one...

Avoid excess investment by making the most of existing hardware

Much of Europe's major investment in IT is being made by pharmaceutical and bioscience companies. While a new survey shows that this investment will continue to grow, some companies are turning to grid computing in a strategy that saves...

Automated recording boosts drug screening capability for researchers

Dr Michael Fejtl reports on the automation of cDNA/mRNA injection and subsequent TEVC recording in Xenopus oocytes plated in 96-well micro-titer plates.

Single nucleotide polymorphisms tool analyses genetic variations

Debra Nickson looks at an error-free genotyping tool used to analyse genetic variation. Genotypes can be identified by simply looking for a colour change. Results are available instantaneously.

A new multipurpose research rheometer offers more flexibility

Most rheologists would prefer a rheometer that delivered state-of-the-art performance in both modes, since it would cut capital costs, and increase experimental flexibility with no performance loss. Such devices are now commercially...

Quantitative assay of tablets by transmission FT-NIR spectroscopy

In the pharmaceutical industry quality control is one of the most time-consuming activities in the production workflow. Kent T Møller, Magnus Tolleshaug and Thomas W. Jensen report on the use of near infrared spectroscopy for quality...

Internet will be increasingly used to view bioanalytical data

With an increasing number of contract research organisations available, purchasing managers or scientists are now confronted with a number of different options in terms of partnering a project with a particular CRO. Dr Andrew Penman...

Rapid sample analysis while maintaining resolution of components

Quadrex Corporation's range of non-polar PHAST GCTM columns with 0.10mm and 0.18mm I.D.s but with films up to 3.5microns thick. These PHAST GCTM columns allow for rapid sample analyses while maintaining ideal resolution of components.

High precision laboratory balances have redesigned electronics

Adam Equipment has introduced several new products to its range of weighing instruments. The company now offers a range of high precision laboratory balances ­ the AEA analytical and AEP top loading units ­ as well as the QT portable...

Fast and flexible capillary electrophoresis

Organic acids and anions are essential molecules in environmental and biological processes. Their determination is important for the food, pharmaceutical and other industries for quality control as well as for research purposes.

Extra texture: analysing the subjective characteristics of food

As the food industry has improved the quality of its products, so consumer awareness has grown and now demands further improvements. Attractive visual appearance is vital, being the first contact between buyer and product. Then smell...

Novel spectroscopy techniques will assure food authenticity

Raman spectroscopy is already finding uses in the food industry, but now a new research project in Wales aims to develop an updated version of the technology so that it can be used for tasks such as assuring food authenticity.

Fieldbus: the technology moves on in line with industrial safety concerns

Fieldbus is expected to become more popular as systems offer compliance with the standard IEC 61508. This applies to safety-related control systems and will increase the safety aspect of control and monitoring in line with today's...

Japan set to lead in mobile phones as the march of i-mode continues

It looks as though Japan will take over the lead in mobile telephones as its i-mode system gains ground while WAP gives way to GPRS, General Packet Radio Service, the halfway house to full scale 3G third generation phones. Here, Eric...

Dubai to become centre of e-commerce world

The Middle East could become the world's hub for communications following recent developments in the region, Eric Russell reports.

It will centre on Dubai where a recently opened e-commerce acity complex' is already attracting...

Determining the transport of water vapour through materials

The transport of water molecules through solids is commonplace and of significance to diverse industries. The interest lies in preventing ingress of water vapour and the associated product protection. Equally there are applications...




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