Multi-compound LC-MS-MS analyses

Waters Corporation's latest version of QuanOptimise is an enhanced plug-in for the market leading Mass-Informatics platform (MassLynx 4.0).

Using controlled vacuum as a tool for use in chemical laboratories

Various methods for application related control of vacuum are compared with regard to the value for the user. Important criteria are process time, solvent recovery rate and ease of use and handling. Modern speed controlled chemistry...

Sixth version of titration software

TiNET is the sixth version of titration software available for chemical analysts involved with the pharmaceutical industry.

Special titration PC software released to comply with FDA requirements

The need for pharmaceutical laboratories to comply with Title21 of the Code of Federal Regulations Part11 is an increasingly important issue. It generates many requests for a21CFRPart11 compliant' software, despite the fact it is the...

Genotypic analysis of HIV-1 drug resistance mutations

Sven Thamm looks at a fully integrated and complete solution for detecting and reporting HIV-1 resistance to specific anti-retroviral therapy.

Automatic resin and powder dispensing

Automated resin and powder dispensing is extremely useful for dispensing resins for combinatorial chemistry, scavenger resins, powders such as freeze dried antibodies, solid phase separation materials and magnetic beads for purification.

"Modular HPLC system offers flexibility, reliability and sensitivity"

Users of HPLC instrumentation require a vast array of features and working specifications to meet their application requirement.

Ultrasonic spectroscopy moves into laboratory for dynamic monitoring

Ultrasonic spectroscopy is all set to become a routine analytical technique in the laboratory. It provides a non-destructive way to measure the properties of materials, using sound waves rather than the more usual electromagnetic waves. As...

Autoclavable multi-fermentor system

BIOSTAT B-DCU is the latest addition to the range of fermentation systems supplied by B Braun Biotech International.

Integration of lab informatics leads to improved process automation

A fully bi-directional communication protocol between the commercial laboratory information management system and the process information management system or enterprise resource planning system would ensure end-users total independence,...

Computerised control of optical components

The analy-SIS bx and ix control modules are an asset to support microscopy on the BX61 and IX 81.

launch of

The life sciences are some of the fastest moving industry sectors around today. Technologies, techniques and strategies develop, change and move on at bewildering speed.

Particle size analysis system

The new range of CPS Disc Centrifuges for particle size analysis consists of 4 models for use with various materials. These include polymer latexes (aqueous) with any particle density, emulsions of oils and waxes, titanium dioxide,...

Storing and sharing analytical data for maximum commercial benefit

Data-mining, viewing and comparison of data across the organisation are just a few of the issues surrounding the archival of analytical data to facilitate knowledge management. Here, Kevin Smith examines the issues in depth and introduces a...

workbench automation in drug discovery

Competition in all chemical related markets, ie pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, fine chemicals etc. has put considerable pressure on the development of new compounds.

ft-ir microscopy can help identify hit-and-run vehicles

For many applications in the areas of forensics, pharmaceuticals, life sciences and semiconductor development it is essential to analyse two-dimensional samples by infrared (IR) spectroscopy with high spatial resolution.

Streamlining purchasing with a global e-procurement solution

When one of the world's major pharmaceutical companies decides to streamline its enterprise-wide purchasing processes, it needs a solution that is rich in product data, requisition consolidation, reporting and catalogue management, and one...

Avoid excess investment by making the most of existing hardware

Much of Europe's major investment in IT is being made by pharmaceutical and bioscience companies. While a new survey shows that this investment will continue to grow, some companies are turning to grid computing in a strategy that saves...

Automated recording boosts drug screening capability for researchers

Dr Michael Fejtl reports on the automation of cDNA/mRNA injection and subsequent TEVC recording in Xenopus oocytes plated in 96-well micro-titer plates.

Single nucleotide polymorphisms tool analyses genetic variations

Debra Nickson looks at an error-free genotyping tool used to analyse genetic variation. Genotypes can be identified by simply looking for a colour change. Results are available instantaneously.




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