Spectrometer solutions

Carl Zeiss has two new solutions available which will make the use of its MCS500 and Corona diode array spectrometer series in the brewing and beverage industries.

New methods help detect veterinary chemicals in food

Lennart Wahlström looks at a reliable method for the screening of veterinary drug residues.

How "chewing things over" can help analyse semi-solid produce

Jo Smewing reports on improving quality in the dairy industry through the use of sophisticated analysis equipment, concentrating on a new machine designed to measure the structural breakdown of semi-solid produce.

triple frequency metal detector

Ready meals manufacturer Country Chef is the first Belgian company to invest in Lock's MET30+3f triple frequency metal detector with ADC software.

Vegetable oil processor turns to digital plant architecture

When a Danish manufacturer of speciality vegetable oils and fats decided to build a new processing plant, it opted for state of the art control technology. The result is an efficient, simple to run installation.

How to create a knowledge repository based on PDF reports

New approaches in data storage allow organisations to move to an electronic environment capturing all raw data from instruments. The use of an industry standard format such as the portable document format (PDF) not only allows capturing...

water for endocrine disrupter analysis

There is concern that certain molecules mimic hormones normally produced within the body and so interfere with their action.

Computer modelling aids design of processes in microlaboratories

Ed Fontes looks at the role played by computer modelling by a company which miniatures laboratory applications.

Potentiometric titration: meeting the challenge of reliable measurements

Eric Trompier describes the most important factors to be taken into account in order to ensure reliable potentiometric titration measurements and looks at how modern instruments help laboratories achieve them effortlessly.

Improved detection limits withX-ray fluorescence spectrometer

Dirk Wissman looks at the monitoring of limits for heavy metaltraces in pharmaceutical products using an energy-dispersiveX-ray fluorescence spectrometer.

Beamforming breakthrough boosts accuracy of ultrasonic technology

Focusing the sound waves used in ultrasound devices has always posed a number of technical challenges. However, a new innovation from Germany that gives greater control over the sound waves could lead to far more accurate ultrasound-based...

Ensuring digital image analysis in compliance with FDA 21 CFR 11

Dr. Manfred Kässens reports on how image analytical software has been adapted to meet the demands of the regulation entitled FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

Analysis of K, Ca, Fe, and Zn in Calcium-rich Powdered Milk

Powdered milk must contain many vitamins and minerals in order to correctly supplement an infant's nutrition. Iron is one such important nutrient and its concentration should be carefully controlled. A quick, reliable, and, above all,...

triple frequency detector

Lock Inspection Systems' 3f triple frequency detector is the latest in several hi-tech features introduced by Lock to heighten the performance of the MET 30+ detector. A second feature, the touchscreen, allows diagnostic software data to...

Manufacturers must continually refine equipment to retain loyalty

The feature that characterises major manufacturers of food equipment is the range of options available to bolt onto a basic platform. Driven by the increasing fickleness of today's customer, and increasingly competitive markets, most food...

Disposable design: the science of thin-walled packaging optimisation

As our requirement for disposable food packaging continues to expand, more packaging producers are turning to computational simulation in order to satisfy the structural, commercial and environmental design requirements. Ronald van Dijk...

Diode array spectrometers for on line use in food industry

The growing consumer consciousness of food quality in combination with falling manufacturing prices demands procedures for an effective quality control system.

Biosciences dominate university research programmes in Missouri

Located in the heart of the United States in the Midwest, Missouri is emerging as an international leader in the biosciences.

Knowledge management: do not drown the enterprise in data

Knowledge is power. Nothing has changed that during the ages. However, gaining knowledge is problematic; not as a result of too little information, but by the enormous amount of information available. In our daily life we are flooded with...




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