New electronic micropipettes with easy mode selection

New microprocessor-controlled pipettes from Socorex include four Acura electro micro-models, two macropipettes and six instruments with 8-and12-channel.

New DNA sequencing

US company Solexa has completed its first genome sequence, that of the virus Phi-X174. The company announced complete genome coverage.

integrated sample hplc preparation device

HPLC sample preparation can be a tedious process. Whatman has developed a product called Mini-UniPrep (MUP) that greatly enhances the efficiency of that sample preparation process. MUP combines a mixing/reaction container, filtration device...

European initiatives improve the dissemination of bioinformatics

BioModels, the world's first database of annotated biological models, is the result of a collaborative project led by the European Bioinformatics Institute and the SBML Team, an international group that develops opensource standards to...

Biomarkers help understand complex biological networks

Ronald Koop looks at a robotic whole-cell imaging technology that integrates cell biology and biomathematical tools.

Speeding lyophilisation by 300 per cent

Genevac Ltd has introduced new technology on its Model HT-4X centrifugal evaporator whereby the system can be used to accelerate lyophilisation of water and water mixtures by as much as 300 per cent.

Standardisation is the key to developing future solutions

The pharmaceutical industry is a very different animal compared with other industries, particularly when it comes to laboratory testing. In the case of chemical manufacturing, for example, each batch of product undergoes quality control...

Machinery and motion control can now benefit from ethernet powerlink

Baldor is launching an innovative way to implement machinery and motion control systems using the industry-standard Ethernet Powerlink protocol.

Low-cost, powerful industrial pusher/puller

The Servotube from Copley Controls is claimed to be the first three-phase linear motor designed specifically for use as an actuator.

Variable speed pumping aids irrigation for soft fruit grower

S & A Produce (UK) Ltd, a major producer of soft fruit under glass, has recently upgraded its pumping equipment for irrigation and overhead moisture. In addition to the new pumps, all the main pumps at the site have now been equipped...

Meat analyser for quality inspections

The increasing demands now being made on quality and price-conscious production have prompted meat and sausage firms to intensify the inspections they perform in the field of quality assurance.

Automated plant improvements continue to make valuable savings

CP Food Machinery has improved its P2000 slicer with the new P2000i Party Pack Slicer which can produce both retail packs and whole pre-cut salmon sides. It is equipped with automatic foil interleaving which rationalises the production...

Digital multimodal imaging for biomarker detection

Darlene Wood reports on the use of charged-coupled device imaging systems in life science research imaging applications.

How to keep pH-stat titrant addition under proper control

Eric Trompier outlines how to achieve state-of-the-art pH-stat titration.

Adding extra functionality to high-res ultrasonic spectroscopy

High-resolution ultrasonic spectroscopy (HR-US) is a novel technique for non-destructive material analysis based on precision measurements of parameters (velocity and attenuation) of high-frequency sound waves, propagating through analysed...

Information technology helps streamline business process

In an era of increased competitiveness, economic uncertainty, ever-increasing regulation and global turmoil, companies are striving to continually improve operational efficiency. Many are looking to information technology for clues.

Standardise your LIMS and reduce total cost of ownership

Pharmaceutical companies that are planning or deploying a LIMS solution face significant challenges.

Computational biology ­ with genomics as the new internet

With interests stretching from palaeontology to gastronomy and a background in theoretical and mathematical physics, Nathan Myhrvold is not a man to leave a stone unturned. After working with Stephen Hawking at Cambridge University, he...

HACCP compliance now faster and simpler

HACCP compliance procedures are now faster and simpler ­ using a new automated solution developed jointly by Digitron and HaccpWorks. Integration of the two companies' technologies allows critical temperature data collected through...

Dedicated industrial FT-IR formulti-component gas analysis

Thermo Electron Corporation's Nicolet Antaris IGS FT-IR gas analyser is designed for exceptional multi-component gas analysis.




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