Analysis of nanoparticles in sunscreens

New application note from Postnova Analytics

Diamond Light Sources celebrates milestone

7,000th paper published as result of research done at the UK's Synchotron

New sterility test isolator

Tailored to the requirements of the user, the STISO is modular, ergonomic and fast

Assays now meet new ISO 16140-2 standard

BAX System assays now meet new ISO 16140-2 standard for all AFNOR-approved methods

Enhanced imaging tech

Zeiss launches new solution that provides information from all dimensions of a sample

Flexible flow chemistry system

New product launched for process research chemists

Scale down for faster GC

Scott Grossman and Christopher Rattray explain that fast GC isn’t as simple as just installing a smaller column. To get the same results...

The end of life, live

Andrea Krumm explains how to monitor cell death in real-time

HPLC column chiller/heater launched

New HPLC column chiller/heater with largest chamber

Driving research forward faster

Olympus cellSens 2.1 speeds up image analysis with improved capabilities for flexible camera and microscope control

Next-gen molecular discovery software

Flare V2 heralds next generation of structure-based design with Electrostatic Complementarity scoring and new Python API

GPC system success

Regina Roemling describes a tool to determine the process property relations in polymers

Smarter tablet design

Bill Turner and Kevin Queensen explain how introducing land into tablet design will strengthen the punch

Improved predictions of drug efficacy

Samuel Altun, Patrik Forssén & Ian A Nicholls report on cell-based heterogeneous interaction analysis

Intelligent system emulation technology

Jade C. Byrd explores the instrumentation that is allowing scientific organisations to continue historical work while adopting the newest...

The marvel of meridianiite

Engineers rise to the challenge at the UK’s national synchroton science facility

Enhanced software modules

Zen Connect provides information from all dimensions of a sample

New automated gel doc system

Syngene launches automated gel doc system for busy labs

Enhancements to LIMS

Tree View Control added to Matrix Gemini LIMS

Serialisation module for pharmaceutical sector launched

Böwe Systec launches new serialisation module for the pharmaceutical industry



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