Natural flour is rich in omega-3

LimaLin Gold improves the Limagrain Cereales Ingrédients ingredient range by increasing omega-3 in two ways

Low-sodium, MSG-free salt ingredient

Boosts flavour and saltiness in sauces with umami-essence sea salt

Omega-3 manufacturers rise to their challenge

Excellent quality and multiple separation technologies are the key to success for omega-3 manufacturers, says Dr Peter Lembke

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Frutarom announces strategic move into functional foods market

Frutarom Health announces a strategic move into the functional foods market on a global scale, furthering the strong positioning of its...

Eminate awarded US patent for University of Nottingham salt reduction product

Eminate, a wholly owned subsidiary of The University of Nottingham, has secured a patent in the USA for the salt-reduction product SODA-LO...

Chocolate physics: how modelling could improve ‘mouthfeel’

Molecular dynamics could be a valuable tool in understanding chocolate conching – the part of the chocolate-making process where aromatic sensation, texture and ‘mouthfeel’ are developed

Stevia: the fast growing alternative to sugar

Natural sweetener derived from a plant native to Central and South America

Colour palette for macaroons

Barry Callebaut launches a user-friendly and qualitative way to colour macaroons

Clean label, gluten-free pasta

Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients entered into collaboration with Italian University of Foggia to produce Westhove Maize 23

LycoRed expands natural beta-carotene production capacity

LycoRed announces the expansion of production capacity of its natural beta-carotene colouring line in response to the growing demand of food...

LycoRed launches innovative, high-intensity beta-carotene colourants

LycoRed has developed new and innovative beta-carotene colourant formulations delivering high-intensity colouring and will present this...

Natural extraction method Phytonext ready for next step

Phytonext, a technology company based in the Netherlands proves that it is possible to achieve natural extracts in a more economical manner...

Frutarom and AB-Biotics join to promote an encapsulated iron

Frutarom Health, Switzerland, and the AB-Biotics biotech company, Spain, have signed an exclusive global Agency sale and marketing agreement...

Boom in healthy flavours in US soft drinks market

Innova Market Insights will report on the latest soft drink trends and emerging flavors at its Taste the Trend Pavilion [booth #1576], at...

LycoRed launches new lycopene colour line at the IFT

LycoRed Ltd. has developed new formulations of vegetarian red colourants as part of its Tomat-O-Red® line of tomato lycopene colour to be...

New formulation to reduce salt and enhance flavour in soups

LycoRed, Israel, has adapted its natural enhancer, SANTE, for boosting flavour in powdered and canned soups. The adaptation follows...

Nestlé removes all artificial ingredients from all its confectionery in the UK

Nestlé has become the first major confectionery manufacturer in the United Kingdom to remove all artificial ingredients from its entire confectionery range.

Twin-shaft batch mixers for bulk dairy powders

Forberg twin-shaft batch mixers are widely used in food industry, powder applications. One reason is the mixing result batch after batch, achieved in only short mixing time.

Beverages for the Middle East

In the Middle East, natural products are in growing demand because consumers believe that natural ingredients contribute towards a healthy diet.

Soaring growth of healthy and nutritional bars

The market for healthy & nutritional bars is soaring, despite the economic recession. In the leading UK market, retailers own only 8% of the category.



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