First remote access blot and gel imager launched

T:Genius saves time by letting researchers see results anywhere, anytime

2D image analysis on multi-channel experiments

Image analysis, environmental control and experiment handling via mobile devices for life science research

Entry level inverted microscope

Leica Microsystems introduces an inverted microscope for cell culture quick check, documentation

Predicting the risk of dying of cancer

Researchers use new simple cost effective technology to unravel cancer through standard imaging

Super-resolution microscopy

Sebastian Bänfer and Dr Christoph Greb look at embedding media for GSDIM super-resolution localisation microscopy

Picture perfect

Flavio Giacobone presents a guide to picking the best digital camera for microscopy applications

Improving nano-scale imaging

Negative-stiffness vibration isolators can easily support the heavy weight of a combined AFM/micro-Raman system, and isolate it from low...

Quantifying IR fluorescent viral antigens faster and more accurately

Researchers at Karolinska Institutet, Sweden, are using Syngene’s G:BOX Chemi XX6 multi-application imager

Oxford spin-out to manufacture designer spherical nanomaterials

Isis Innovation establishes company to produce commercially useful amounts of fullerenes

UV viewing cabinet for gel analysis

Enables lab technicians to view, analyse and photograph fluorescent samples with both epi-illumination and trans-illumination light sources

3D technique could transform photographs

New 3D experience created at University of St Andrews; technique could transform photographs

Robotic advanced X-ray device

Multitom Rax heralds new era in diagnostic imaging, says GlobalData

US diagnostic X-ray systems market to grow to $1.1bn by 2020

The majority of US sales will be generated by timely replacements of X-ray systems, says GlobalData

Real time imaging of DNA repair

Making films of molecular interactions is step forward towards prevention and treatment of cancer

Lighting the way forward in medical imaging

New ‘multispectral’ light sensor detects the full spectrum of light, from ultra-violet, to visible and near infrared light

Selecting an infrared camera for R&D applications

FLIR Systems has produced an guide entitled '7 Things to Know When Selecting an IR Camera for Research & Development'

Virtual microscope images at your fingertips

Olympus has launched its OlyVIA Mobile iPad App, an image viewer dedicated to virtual slides

Zoom lens for environments subject to radiation

Uses special glass that can withstand long-term exposure to radiation up to a dose of 100 million radians and temperatures to 55°C without...




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