3D scanning solution developed for tumour measurement

Designed to monitor disease progression and response to therapy during in-vivo oncology studies

Unlocking the secrets of hummingbird energy usage

Understanding the physiological mechanisms may open the door to broader, human medical applications

Flexible object tracking

Olympus has released version 1.17 of its life science imaging software cellSens


Microscope stage for microplate imaging

Designed to enable life scientists to precisely position, move and image up to two microplates or nine microscope slides

Versatile high precision microscope stage

Increases efficiency by automatically scanning specimens and storing points for later recollection and inspection

Self-contained scientific camera

The new TrueChrome Metrics camera from Stemmer Imaging provides fully integrated digital image capture

Simultaneous imaging, mechanical and spectroscopy measurements

JPK’s NanoWizard AFM system is being used for cell studies in the Research Centre for Nanometer-scale Science & Advanced Materials at the...

Combining Raman imaging with nanoindentation

Improves materials characterisation, says the University of Colorado Boulder, USA

Cryogen-free MRI imaging systems

3T to 7T preclinical MRI imaging system features cryogen-free superconducting magnet technology which eliminates the need for liquid...

Novel in-vivo imaging solution for neuroscientists

Neurotar’s Mobile HomeCage is an accessory device for microscopy and electrophysiology, which enables high precision tests in the brain of...

Research into the molecular mechanisms of tumour invasion

Magnetic resonance imaging helps provide insight into the dynamics of glioma angiogenesis

High speed stop motion infrared imaging

FLIR Systems has introduced the FLIR X6900sc as the world's fastest 640 x 512 pixel resolution thermal camera for high-speed science...

High speed HD infrared camera for test range applications

FLIR Systems announces a new addition to its RS-Series of long-range infrared camera systems designed for range tracking, target signature,...

Studying hypervelocity impact phenomena specialised imaging

High resolution images from the SIM8 clearly show the cloud of ejected material thrown backwards on impact

Focus corrected SWIR lenses

Resolve Optics announces focus corrected SWIR lenses that maintain maximum performance throughout the Short Wavelength Infrared spectral...

Studying hypervelocity impact phenomena

Using a Specialised Imaging SIM8 ultra fast framing camera researchers have been able study high velocity impacts of aluminium spheres...

A new perspective on Western Blot imaging

Product introduced for multicolour R, G, B and chemiluminescent imaging

The advantage of being small

High-resolution positioning systems in miniaturised design. By Steffen Arnold

Large format lenses

High resolution over large image format for scientific applications




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