UHPLC, HPLC and preparative work

Phenomenex Inc introduces new mixed-mode selectivities and particle sizes in the Luna column family

New size exclusion column

Yarra 1.8µm UHPLC size exclusion column delivers increased separation of high molecular weight biomolecules

Thermal management systems optimise liquid chromatography equipment

System comprised of Laird’s advanced SR-54 Series temperature controller and thermoelectric assemblies to deliver precise temperature...

Self-regenerating purifier for chromatography gases

Gas purity is essential in any GC, HPLC or GC/MS application requiring high sensitivity

Cleaner residue research project

Jennifer Sun reports on the development of a cleaning validation method using HPLC-CAD

Novel diagnostics

Geoff Harper reports on some innovative – and unusual – applications of chromatography technologies

Self-regenerating purifier for chromatography gases

Gas purity is essential in any GC, HPLC or GC/MS application requiring high sensitivity

Fast lyophilisation of HPLC fractions

Developed to provide a rapid, high-throughput alternative to freeze drying HPLC purification fractions

Post purification sample handling

Genevac has developed a suite of proprietary technological solutions to facilitate post purification sample handling, including reformatting

Chiral separation benefits from nitrogen generator

Asynt reports on how chromatography specialist Reach Separations Ltd is benefiting from the installation of an onsite nitrogen generator at...

New method development kits

Advanced Chromatography Technologies launches its new range of method development kits

High performance UHPLC system

Vanquish UHPLC system incorporates an integrated modular design to support multiple methods

Bridge between HPLC and UPLC methods

Single LC platform leads the way to enhanced productivity by replicating, improving or adjusting established LC methods

Latest UHPLC solutions announced

96-well glass vial storage plate for UHPLC from Porvair Sciences

New microbore MS optimised (U)HPLC columns

0.5mm and 1.0mm microbore columns launched by industry expert

Versatile F5 columns added to line

Phenomenex adds F5 (pentafluorophenyl) columns to Kinetex HPLC and UHPLC core-shell line

New mini centrifuges launched

Latest solutions provide enhanced efficiency and flexibility for personal workstations

New additions to range of HLPC columns

Cogent Diol and UDA Type-C Silica HPLC columns from MicroSolv

One large leap for gas chromatography

Norbert Reuter and Gary Lee explore the way in which gas chromatography columns are making a difference to analysis being carried out...

Liquid chromatography techniques target lab efficiency

The latest developments in liquid chromatography techniques improve resolution and precision, simplify the handling of complex sample...



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