Cas9 enzyme variant

Reduces off-target effects in CRISPR genome editing without compromising on-target activity

Genetic testing can pick out men at increased risk of testicular cancer

Scientists studied the DNA of 30,000 men and identified 19 new genetic changes associated with the disease

Robust multiplexing

Improved library preparation multiplexing and target enrichment solutions for the next generation sequencing market

Inherited genes may cause more cancer than previously thought

Scientists looked at neuroendocrine tumours, specifically those which are found in the pancreas

Immune system genes linked to most common type of leukaemia

Gene discovery could lead to new targeted treatments and boost immunotherapy

Detecting clinically relevant variants

UK 100,000 Genomes Project is a UK large-scale genomic project aiming to sequence and analyse the genetic information of NHS patients affected by cancers or rare diseases

Genetic ‘extinction’ technology rejected

Controversial new synthetic biology technology intended to deliberately cause targeted species to become extinct

Efficient DNA extraction from plant tissue

Flexible protocols can be adjusted to optimise your specific plant extraction protocol requirements

Efficient DNA extraction from plant tissue

Flexible protocols can be adjusted to optimise your specific plant extraction protocol requirements

Why duplicate genes are conserved in the genome

Confer ‘mutational robustness’ in individuals, which allows them to adapt to novel, potentially dangerous environments

Study shows diverse molecular mechanisms underlying evolution

Reservoir of mutations enabled cichlid fish to adapt to varied environments; results shed light on mechanisms of vertebrate evolution

Genomics technologies for targeted epigenomic analysis

Collaboration brings together genomics expertise and infrastructure atGarvan Institute and the products for target enrichment from Roche NimbleGen

Partnership for population wide genomic analysis

Population wide analysis is crucial if the potential of whole genome sequencing for medical application in patients with complex diseases is to be realised

New magnetic technology launched

Technology for bioseparations and studies of biomolecular interactions

Personalised medicine drives next-generation sequencing

Future of DNA sequencing will shift from a laboratory-based setup to point of care testing in the next five years

KASP genotyping assays developed

Versatile KASP exome sample tracking panel provides sample provenance

Genetic mutation could increase understanding of ADHD

Scientists at Trinity College Dublin have discovered that a mutation in a single gene involved in the functioning of the brain’s nervous system can lead to hyperactivity symptoms that are characteristic of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity...

Molecular confirmation of genetic disorders: DiaSorin add extra value

End-of-year savings to be made on DiaSorin Blood DNA extraction kits for molecular confirmation of genetic disorders.

Understanding the effects of genes on human traits

Recent technological developments in genomics have revealed a large number of genetic influences on common complex diseases, such as diabetes, asthma, cancer or schizophrenia.



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