Hygienic solution for large control systems

Modular enclosures for cleanrooms

New lyophiliser for R&D or production

Versatile lyophiliser for research, development or small-scale production

Show germs the final curtain

Teknomek broadens its PVC strip curtain range with anti-microbial options

New reactor support stand

Entry-level support stand for lab reactors

Case study on X-ray micro-tomography experiments

Department of Materials Test Engineering (WPT) at TU Dortmund University uses Deben CT5000TEC stage to perform X-ray micro-tomography...

New solution for particle and protein characterisation

All-in-one system for particle and protein characterisation launched

Hinges for cleanroom applications

Stainless steel hinges from WDS suit cleanroom applications

Launch of multi-application imaging range

New multi-application imaging range produces real images for accurate quantification of DNA, visible proteins and Western blots

New laser diode modules

Hamamatsu Photonics has developed compact laser diode modules that emit a uniform high-intensity beam c

Safe evaporation under inert atmosphere

New evaporators with inert gas purge option launched

Test station streamlines R&D programme

Innomech system to streamline Fluidic Analytics R&D programme

Circular dichroism measurement In microplates

New Quartz-bottomed microplates launched

Variable power LED reactor launched

New LED reactor for flow photochemistry

Gel documentation system launched

Pop-Bio Imaging has introduced a new tool for image capture and analysis of gels

Introduction to evaporation

Genevac has published an informative 24-page Introduction to Evaporation guide

New desks for hygiene-controlled environments

Teknomek begins a new chapter with its writing desk range

Parallel synthesiser case study

Early discovery chemistry workflow benefits from parallel synthesiser

Residual oxygen analysis

Quality control of pharmaceutical packaging

New instruments for lab speed & efficiency

Seal set to launch new products at Analytica

New microplate system for high-throughput chromatography

Versatile 96-well multi-tier microplate system



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