You'll never know what you miss if you don't see 100% of the picture

Recover 100% of your PCR product with USB ExoSAP-IT PCR Product Clean-Up: the gold standard for enzymatic PCR clean-up.

Data demonstrates outstanding performance of DrySyn heating blocks

Asynt has announced the availability of new data demonstrating the outstanding performance of its DrySyn Classic heating blocks. Recent...

Innovative evaporator technology protects samples & increases productivity

Proprietary SampleGuard™ temperature control technology on Genevac HT Series II Evaporators enables them to automatically detect when...

JULABO's Success at Analytica

Once more JULABO concluded a successful exhibition at this year's Analytica in Munich. A new booth concept, innovative products and a large number of interested visitors contributed to an auspicious appearance by JULABO.

Bibby’s brilliant new Lab Offers website – four brands, one URL

Bibby Scientific’s new web-based platform brings together special offers on products from all four of the company’s internationally recognised brands: Stuart, Jenway, Techne and Electrothermal

DIY drugstores in development at the University of Glasgow

A new 3D printing process developed at the University of Glasgow could revolutionise the way scientists, doctors and even the general public create chemical products.

96-well SPE cleanup & analyte enrichment

The Microlute™ 96 well SPE microplate from Porvair Sciences is designed to automate solid phase extraction cleanup and analyte enrichment...

Integrated solutions for biobank sample storage

Drawing upon over 25 years experience of helping labs safeguard their samples - Micronic Europe has built a global reputation for...

Precise temperature control of impact specimens

SP Scientific has introduced the CharpyCool - a low temperature bath that provides metallurgists and testing laboratories a wider range of...

Unique personal lab sterilizer sets a new benchmark

AMSBIO has announced CoolCLAVE™ - a compact, easy-to-use personal lab sterilizer. CoolCLAVE™ uses ozone gas to clean your laboratory...

Robust evaporators for parallel chemistry

Genevac, world leaders in solvent removal technology, has over 20 year's experience of designing and supplying robust evaporators that can...

Application capabilities and benefits of using electronic pipettes

INTEGRA has created a new web page giving lab scientists instant access to a wealth of information relating to the applications capabilities and benefits of using electronic pipettes.

Versatile parallel high pressure reactor

Designed to be used in conjunction with a simple benchtop magnetic stirrer or stirrer/hotplate the Asynt Parallel High Pressure Reactor is a...

Priorclave wins new export orders

For British autoclave manufacturer Priorclave, export plays a key and increasingly active role to its overall business growth, currently...

Thermo Fisher Scientific named Company of the Year

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, has announced that Frost & Sullivan recently named it the company of the year for integrated biobanking solutions.

A simple, cost-effective route to parallel crystallisation

Asynt has supplied the Wilson Structural Chemistry Research Group at the University of Bath (Bath, UK) with a custom DrySyn heating block...

BAC BV launches CaptureSelect® C-tag affinity matrix for highly efficient recombinant protein purification

A revolutionary purification resin for C-terminal EPEA tagged proteins combining highly selective binding, even under denaturing condition, with mild elution of the target using the shortest affinity tag system available.

SP Scientific and Praxair expand technology agreement

SP Scientific, and Praxair Inc., headquartered in Danbury, CT, are pleased to announce the expansion of their collaborative relationship to commercialize Praxair's ControLyo™ Nucleation on Demand Technology.




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