High resolution NMR analytical services

Warwick Analytical Service has produced an analytical service note that demonstrates the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance specroscopic data the...

Versatile high performance benchtop freeze dryer

The new VirTis BenchTop Pro freeze dryer range from SP Scientific have been designed to be highly affordable, yet meet the needs of the most...

Lab automation assisting in drug research

Exploring the impact of automation on drug research

Getting the method right – Top pipetting tips

Using and looking after your pipettes correctly is paramount to maintaining accuracy and achieving repeatable and reproducible results....

Dual microplate measurements

Dr Andrea Krumm discusses the merits of microplate-based ratiometric measurements

Enabling early cancer detection

New research shows luminescent nanoparticles help with early cancer detection

Sophisticated sample monitoring

New cancer centre biobank adopts LIMS to aid the management of its sample process

Smart label printer with excellent performance

Brady Corporation's new BradyPrinter i5100 Industrial Label Printer is smart and easy to use

The end of life, live

Andrea Krumm explains how to monitor cell death in real-time

Enhancements to LIMS

Tree View Control added to Matrix Gemini LIMS

Hygienic seating bench

Teknomek's latest seating bench 'steps up'

Faster sample preparation

Q-sep extraction salts make QuEChERS even easier

New microplate reader technology

Celeste Glazer explains how a smart new solution offers everything the user needs in a microplate reader

Breakthrough for ischemia-reperfusion research

Andrea Krumm reports on an innovative microplate reader that measures the effects of rapid oxygen changes

Reducing autoclave investment costs

Ranjit Rai reveals how laboratories can make their autoclaves more cost-efficient by taking a smart approach to service

Advances in recirculating chillers

Markus Schlegel offers guidance on determining the right scale for recirculating chillers

Critical cleaning choices

Judy Shapiro reveals how to unlock the superior power of liquid concentrates

Small yet mighty

A small footprint enables the latest spectrophotometers to deliver impressive ease of use and functionality




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