New benchtop EPR system

Bruker launches the EMXnano high-performance system for benchtop EPR

Refractometry in drug-free sport

Cliff Marshall explains how scientific testing is enabling sports bodies to stamp out drug use

Gravimetric dosing system

Cliff Marshall reveals the inside story on an innovative gravimetric dosing system (GDS) app

New lab autoclave with larger capacity

Latest RSC autoclave from Priorclave ideal for labs needing to sterilise extra-bulky, dense waste

New generation of circulators

Julabo has announced the launch of its latest range of refrigerated and heating circulators

GMP-grade cell cryopreservation media

Amsbio launches new Stem Cellbanker product

Combination freeze dryer/vacuum concentrator

Popular product can now be used as a combined concentration/freeze drying workstation

A new perspective on Western Blot imaging

Product introduced for multicolour R, G, B and chemiluminescent imaging

Bite-size health and safety

Kimberly-Clark Professional publishes mini-guides to aid employee engagement

Extra functionality for microplate reader

TriStar² S microplate reader now has TR-FRET functionality

LIMS chosen by UK research centre

Energy Innovation Centre chooses Matrix Gemini LIMS

Particle analysis with camera

Latest white paper from Fritsch tackles particle analysis

Improving wet measurement

Fast analysis of particle shape and size of suspensions and emulsions

Productive screw cap tube recapper

Latest product from Micronic allows users to cap or decap eight tubes in a single action

Touchscreen evaporator launched

Latest solution is designed to make solvent removal effortless

German operations consolidated

Genevac consolidates evaporator and freeze dryer operations In Germany

Evaporation guide

Solvent removal expert produces guide entitled Introduction to Evaporation

Non-destructive evaporation technology

Controlled evaporation creates reproducibly large crystals

Products to enhance lab processes on display at ACHEMA

Cole-Parmer showcases products designed to meet laboratory challenges at ACHEMA event in Germany

Ductless fume cabinets

Chemcap Clearview cabinets are easy to assemble and new manual provides useful 'how-to' guide



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