Food Safety

Determining antibiotic residues in foodstuffs

Genevac EZ-2 evaporator estimated to save the laboratory 2-3 hours per day that previously was spent on evaporation tasks

New 1mm ID columns

Operate at very low flow rates and effectively separate small-volume samples

Artificial Intelligence: the solution to food waste at home?

App automatically suggests how long fruit, veg and frozen items will stay fresh


LIMS tracks entire dairy QC process

Samples for analysis can be taken at any stage in the production process from ad hoc sampling at the farmyard, through transportation of the...

Advancing the food safety arms race

The merits of biochip array technology; a study in honey analysis. By Gary Smith

Concentration of food and beverage samples containing volatile analytes

Evaporator systems are being used to safely prepare samples containing volatile analytes a wide array of food and beverage applications

The advantage of being small

High-resolution positioning systems in miniaturised design. By Steffen Arnold

Pre-poured plates improve accuracy of Salmonella confirmation

Performance is improved by increased selectivity against competitive flora, such as E. coli

Contamination-free, viable antigen samples

Seward has confirmed the use of its Stomacher paddle blenders in USDA meat speciation protocols

Contaminants: novel methods for detection

Two new studies propose novel ways to identify pesticides in food and rogue vegetable oils in olive oil. Eugene McCarthy reports

Range of products for quick food contamination testing

Faster contamination testing in food enabled via launch of new suite of media products

Top loader autoclave

Priorclave’s new 85 litre chamber autoclave will have applications across dairy, food, healthcare, health, pharmaceutical sectors

DNA chip technology for testing food borne pathogens

Simultaneously tests 14 major types of food-borne pathogens in less than 90 minutes

Acrylamide in food is a public health concern

Acrylamide in food potentially increases the risk of developing cancer for consumers in all age groups, says the European Food Safety Authority

Warning over undercooked chicken

Undercooked chicken or chicken livers responsible for over 60 per cent of campylobacter food poisoning

Pre-poured plates target food industry

In a move that marks an extension to its range of ready prepared microbiological culture media, Lab M has launched the Pinnacle line of...

From nuts and spice to food on ice

Lab M’s fungal media range suits wide variety of foodstuffs

Food safe detectable/x-ray visible plastic

Plastic has the combined characteristics of being 'magnetically detectable' with the additional benefit of being 'x-ray visible'




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