Spices provide eco-friendly pesticides

Scientists in Canada are reporting exciting new research on these so-called 'essential oil pesticides' or 'killer spices' and represent a relatively new class of natural insecticides that show promise as an environmentally-friendly...

Food, energy outpace production

With the caloric needs of the planet expected to soar by 50 percent in the next 40 years, planning and investment in global agriculture will...

Working towards sustainable fishing techniques

Most fisheries management regimes are lagging far behind set standards, and that the conversion of scientific advice into policy plays the...

Wine in cans have environmental benefits

Two separate studies commissioned by Rexam have demonstrated that wine in cans is not only an environmentally friendly and sustainable pack format, but also offers beneficial cost savings for both suppliers and retailers.

Bottling plant cuts compressed air generation costs and emissions

An energy efficiency improvement programme at a bottling plant has resulted in substantial energy savings and a positive impact on carbon emissions.

Improving corn yield

Earlier plantings could account for up to half of the yield gains seen in some parts of the northern Corn Belt since the late 1970s, a new study has found.

Servo actuator features integral position sensing

A new type of modular linear drive unit with integrated position sensing can dramatically simplify the building of gantry and XYZ handling systems. Using new IP67-rated industrial linear motor technology, linear stages can be bolted...

Variable speed pumping aids irrigation for soft fruit grower

S & A Produce (UK) Ltd, a major producer of soft fruit under glass, has recently upgraded its pumping equipment for irrigation and overhead moisture. In addition to the new pumps, all the main pumps at the site have now been equipped...

Machinery and motion control can now benefit from ethernet powerlink

Baldor is launching an innovative way to implement machinery and motion control systems using the industry-standard Ethernet Powerlink protocol.

Standardise your LIMS and reduce total cost of ownership

Pharmaceutical companies that are planning or deploying a LIMS solution face significant challenges.

US raisin packers cut wastewater costs and protect environment

Thanks to a new membrane filtration system, the National Raisin Company not only has been able to cut their wastewater costs, but they have also opened up a potentially lucrative source of additional income. This filtration solution could...

Breakfast is served

Australia's strong R&D record has received another major boost with one of the world's largest companies moving its entire R&D division to Australia.

Pecans nuts can add amagic' when included with processed foods

For hundreds of years, Americans have used pecans in many foods, but use of the pecan has quickly spread throughout the world. Sue Taylor reports.

Potential of novelty nut products proves tempting for food scientists

Nuts may cause allergy problems but the demand for nut novelties is increasing and provides many opportunities for food designers. As Eric Russell finds, consumers are looking for ever more sophisticated snacks.

Improved packaging helps eliminate damage to product in transit

There is a a huge of amount of development work going on throughout Europe to improve packaging machines. Here,

Eric Russell looks at the some of the innovations being offered by the suppliers of packaging equipment.

Open source comes to high speed Internet chips

Open source ideas are moving from operating systems such as Linux to the chips being used for the latest DSL equipment. Nick Flaherty reports.

Broadband beckons ­ but take careful steps down the DSL path

Around the world, digital subscriber line (DSL) services are in varying states of maturity from early trials to full commercial use. In theory, the customer gets broadband services, the operator receives additional revenues, and everyone is...

Dubai to become centre of e-commerce world

The Middle East could become the world's hub for communications following recent developments in the region, Eric Russell reports.

It will centre on Dubai where a recently opened e-commerce acity complex' is already attracting...

Making the mobile internet a business reality

The business issues and back office integration will make or break the next generation cellular phone networks, says Alun Lewis.

"Bluetooth, Linux and Fibre Channel feature at CeBIT 2001"

CeBIT 2001, the world business fair for office automation, information technology and telecommunications, takes place in Hannover, Germany, between 22nd to 28th March. More than 8015 companies from 60 different countries will be exhibiting...




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