Micro bioreactor with cell culture analyser

Unique system offers collection of massive quantities of cell culture data

Parasite study paves way for therapies to tackle deadly infections

New understanding of a parasite that causes a million cases of disease each year could point towards effective drug treatments

Targeted antibiotic use may help cure chronic myeloid leukaemia

Researchers showed that treatment with tigecycline is effective in killing CML stem cells when used in combination with imatinib

Cell culture system could offer cancer breakthrough

Provides a tool for preclinical cancer drug development and screening

Degenerative brain disease

Omics experimental methods are becoming critical in many areas of drug discovery, to allow the development of next generation, innovative therapeutics

Gene test could pinpoint patients sensitive to new type of cancer drug

Scientists found that defects in a gene called ARID1A caused sensitivity to new drugs targeting the DNA repair process within tumour cells

Map of drugs reveals uncharted waters in search for new treatments

Atlas of every drug on Earth points to treatments of the future

Drug candidate for fibrosis therapy

AdAlta and XL-protein announce collaboration to develop a long-acting version of Its lead fibrosis drug candidate AD-114

Stem cell collaboration

Collaboration to develop human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes and neurons for translational drug discovery

First novel compound library designed to target deubiquitylase enzymes

The application of libraries that have been custom-designed with the structure and mechanism of drug targets in mind is believed to provide a substantially more effective route for the identification of innovative starting points for DUB...

Sobi signs licensing agreement with Affibody for IL-1

Interleukin-1 family is a group of pro-inflammatory cytokines that play a central role in the regulation of immune responses in the human body

Irritable bowel syndrome study

A Phase III study with BEKINDA 24 mg for acute gastroenteritis and gastritis is ongoing in the US

Pharmaceutical enteric film coatings

Kollicoat MAE 100-55 can directly replace comparable pH >5.5 enteric release materials in commercial formulations

3D fluidics printer

Suitable for a wide range of applications, including organ-on-a-chip, point-of-care diagnostics, drug development

Dilated cardiomyopathy

Using induced pluripotent stem cells to study molecular mechanisms in

Treating skin infections

Motif Bio announces the dosing of the first patient in two Phase 3 clinical trials of its lead antibiotic candidate iclaprim

Novel protein biomarkers in prostate cancer identified

Potential drug targets supporting novel strategies in precision medicine

Tackling growing resistance to antibiotics

Loughborough University secures funding to help fight the global health threat of antimicrobial resistance

Chemists recruit anthrax to deliver cancer drugs

With some tinkering, a deadly protein becomes an efficient carrier for antibody drugs

Positive results for PMDD study

Umecrine Mood announces positive results from study with UC1010 in PMDD



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