Abuse deterrent technology launched

Lucideon introduces new delivery platform technology for pharmaceuticals

Controlling your weight

A new solution sets out to improve the process by which correct tablet weights are maintained in a tablet press. By Jutta Hartmann

Effective and gentle cleaning

Nick Kristiansen reports on innovations in ultrasonic cleaning technology

Maximising the use of multiwell assays

Sara Verna discusses trends and challenges in microplate development, why cell based assays are more biologically relevant than other assays...

Letting contract research organisations take the strain

A successful tie-up with a contract research organisation (CRO) can be a major boon during product development and clinical trials. Eugene...

Scientists discover bacteria’s clever defence mechanism

Structure of EzrA protein could help identify new antibiotic targets

Memorial lecture covers biologically derived therapies

Engineering biological solutions for next generation drug therapies

Imaging accessory enables real-time visual monitoring of a dispersion

New accessories for the Mastersizer 3000 support smarter pharmaceutical particle size analysis

Green tea-based ‘missiles’ to kill cancer cells

By using one of its ingredients scientists have developed a drug delivery system, which kills cancer cells more efficiently

New mechanism for inhibition of the immunoproteasome

The potential drug that the researchers developed is based on the epoxyketon ONX 0914

Crown Bioscience President Dr Jean-Pierre Wery honoured in PharmaVOICE 100

Recognised for pioneering work in translational medicine, improving the efficiency of drug discovery and development

Taking the guesswork out of cancer therapy

New molecular test kit predicts patient’s survival and drug response

Clinical data for Parkinson’s disease vaccine encourages further development

AFFiRiS AG presents Phase I data on a first-of-its-kind treatment with support from The Michael J. Fox Foundation

Encouraging the scientists of the future

Research goes back to school as prizewinners and students experience science together

Ensuring safety of purified water

Three UV water disinfection systems supplied to the Institute of Medical Biology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Cellectricon to focus on CNS and Pain Discovery Services

Business transformation to an enabling discovery services provider ahead of schedule

Establishing suitability of protein formulations for drug therapeutics

New Study from Wyatt Technology showcases automated dual measurement capabilities of MP-PALS to determine charge and diffusion interaction...

Force instrumentation

Mike Nicol highlights the importance of instrumentation for bi-layer R&D and production tablet presses

The importance of tablet shape

Dale Natoli investigates the complexities of deciding on tablet shape

Optimum heat uniformity for enhanced drying

Camille Flores reveals the latest in drying technology for use in the lab



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