Focus on enhanced assays to detect cancer cells

Demand continues to grow for new and improved assays to detect cancer cells. The latest technologies, as Sean Ottewell reports, focus on...

Project aims to shed light on the epigenetic mechanisms

Cellzome will apply its chemoproteomics platform to chart the changes of epigenetic factors during stem cell differentiation

CIT/ABC acquires assets of LAB Research Inc

Acquires assets of LAB Research Inc, making the new group one of the world’s top five preclinical CROs

Completion of proof of concept study for heart attack

Animal study demonstrates midkine treatment reduces heart muscle death by 27 per cent following heart attack

Fragment-based drug discovery

Heptares deploys StaRsR to unlock the power of fragment screening for intractable GPCR drug targets

Off-the-shelf fragment library

For time-efficient drug discovery lead generation, says Thermo Fisher Scientific

Study links vitamin D to lung cancer survival

Study finds an enzyme that plays a role in metabolizing vitamin D can predict lung cancer surviva

Extension of Alzheimer's disease vaccine development collaboration

AFFiRiS announced completion of preclinical work packages and related payments of from GSK to AFFiRi

Phase 1 exposure escalation safety study with PMX-30063 antibiotic

In vitro study with PMX-30063 shows activity against NDM-1 drug-resistant bacteria

New hope in fight against the flu

Four-year project “FLUCURE” supported by the European Union with the goal of developing novel, small molecule based therapeutics for respiratory diseases caused by influenza viruses

Solving the solvent mystery for better drug design

Scientists have been able to watch a chemical reaction happening in solution with more detail than ever before

Helping overcome sleep apnea

Cortex’s AMPAKINE CX1739 improves respiratory parameters in obstructive sleep apnea patients

New treatment strategy for bowel cancer patients

Scientists have found an important new drug target for advanced bowel cancer that could also be used to identify tumours that will respond to a drug already used in other cancers

Prototype drug targets metabolism, halts disease that limits bone marrow transplantation

Findings challenge a long-standing model of how activated cells of the immune system make ATP, opening the door for fundamentally new approaches to combat immune diseases

Researchers contribute to NICE revised decision on Alzheimer drugs

Estimated that there are 750,000 people with dementia in the UK today, and that this figure will grow to over one million by 2025

Rentschler to manufacture Faron product Traumakine

Traumakine is meant to prevent vascular leakage in patients with acute lung injuries

Antibiotic treatment effective for most common gastrointestinal disorder in US, research shows

University of Michigan researcher among those who found drug therapy provides continuing relief for Irritable Bowel Syndrome for up to 10 weeks

Novel therapeutic antibody for treatment of autoimmune diseases

ImmuTune IMP731 has demonstrated potency at low doses in preclinical models of T-cell mediated inflammation

Maybridge Ro3 fragments generate hits in SPR screening of key protein targets

Helping researchers validate an emerging technique for drug discovery that targets key protein receptors involved in a wide range of...

New strategies for cancer drug development urgently needed

Millions of cancer patients may soon be able to receive more personalised treatments thanks to developments in the understanding of cancer biology




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