safe weighing environment

Weighing hazardous or potent substances within conventional fume cupboards is problematic.

The design of standard cabinets creates a roll in the airflow, which disrupts the operation of sensitive analytical balances.

plastic consumables

Manufacture of precision plastic consumables by Treff is carried out by automated processes and is ISO 9001:2000 certified.

Service wing can be key to the successful laboratory operation

Modern laboratories must be able to cope with diverse requirments and, as Stefan Holler reports, the service wing is key to their sucessful operation.

Improved packaging helps eliminate damage to product in transit

There is a a huge of amount of development work going on throughout Europe to improve packaging machines. Here,

Eric Russell looks at the some of the innovations being offered by the suppliers of packaging equipment.

Eliminating mycoplasma from tissue culture

Members of the genus Mycoplasma are the smallest organisms that are capable of self-replication. They are known to cause various diseases as well as myriad problems in tissue culture. Incidence of mycoplasma contamination in cell culture...

Test facility for fluid bed drying

The MP-Micro fluid bed is a bench-top machine which allows laboratories to optimise formulations and identify process parameters for a wide range of products. It is designed for research and development projects and is claimed to have the...

High-tech laboratory systems awill meet all future demands'

Herbert Hofmann looks at a range of laboratory furniture and technology systems structured in a multi-modular way to include logistical systems, services supply and disposal systems. they also incorporate ventilation systems and facilities...


In addition to laboratory disposable products, Treff develops and manufactures customised injection-moulded components and assemblies as OEM-partner for many leading diagnostic equipment manufacturers. Manufacture is carried out by entirely...

On-line preparation techniques for plasma and in vitro sampling

The development of, and the need for, faster drug discovery techniques in a highly competitive pharmaceutical industry has resulted in ever increasing numbers of pre-clinical biological samples to be analysed. By Dr Denise Wailwroth.

Safe vacuum aspiration of liquids in biosafety level 1, 2 and 3 laboratories

The VACUSAFE Laboratory Aspiration System from INTEGRA is designed to provide simple, reliable and safe aspiration of hazardous waste...

Untreated microplates for growing cells in suspension

Porvair Sciences has announced a new range of 12-, 24-, 48- and 96 well format untreated polystyrene culture microplates for growing cells...

Sterile Emulsion Technology for Micro Encapsulation

Aesica and EmulTech jointly announce the commercial development of ET4ME - an innovative emulsion technology for product formulation.

Laser etched alphanumeric coded tubes

Micronic has introduced a range of laser etched alphanumeric coded sample storage tubes (0.5ml, 0.75ml, 1.1ml and 1.4ml). The new tubes have...

Power transformer design site demonstrates benefits of software automation

A new website to help engineers accelerate and improve the design of electrical power transformers and AC line reactors has been launched by Cobham Technical Services.

Integrated solutions for biobank sample storage

Drawing upon over 25 years experience of helping labs safeguard their samples - Micronic Europe has built a global reputation for...

Peristaltic pumps deliver accurate and contamination-free dosing

With factors such as contamination-free operation, accuracy, dose repeatability, ease of operation and simple maintenance on its side, more and more laboratories are opting to use peristaltic pumping technology. Ashley Shepherd explains.

Identification of blood samples

Traditionally alphanumeric tubes have been manufactured in clear polypropylene. Micronic has introduced a new range of white, flat bottom...

Customising aseptic production solutions increase dairy quality

In an effort to meet customer demands for improved efficiency, lower costs and superior products, manufacturers are turning to customisable aseptic production solutions. Sean Ottewell reports.

Air-purifying church windows

Stained glass windows that are painted with gold purify the air when they are lit up by sunlight, a team of Queensland University of Technology experts have discovered.

Microbes as sources of sustainable biofuels

The notion of utilising the microscopic organisms as a means of generating renewable energy sounds too good to be true. Scientist...




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