Advances in high containment technologies

Camille Flores-Kilfoyle reports on a laboratory high containment filtration and drying facility

Cleanroom technology update

Louise Smyth reports on the latest advances in the cleanrooms sector

Certified clean vials

Critical physical dimensions and chemical cleanliness are fully tested to ensure that no trace residues are present

Extra protection offered by containment technology

Michelle Frisch highlights the benefits of high containment gloveboxes for laboratories

Clean vials for chromatographers

MicroLiter Certified Clean Vials are certified as cleaned and packaged in a Class 10,000 cleanroom

Ductless fume cabinets

Chemcap Clearview cabinets are easy to assemble and new manual provides useful 'how-to' guide

Romaco at ACHEMA 2015

Granulation, tableting, coating and packaging from a single source

Global cleanroom technology market set to soar

New research shows that cleanroom technology sector will reach US$4.2 million by 2020

Bioprocessing institute to use new aseptic workstation

Dublin's NIBRT has had the latest generation isolator from Bioquell installed

Range of containment product solutions expands

Helapet adds new Cirrus containment isolators to its family of products

New vented vial adapter range

Single-use vial adapters launched to support GMP in sterile compounding operations

Compact isolator launched

Lab-Safe, a new flexible isolator has been introduced by Solo Containment

New lab cleanroom furniture range

Latest chemical-resistant lab furniture solutions from cleanroom specialist

Solving aseptic challenges in the biotech industry

The QMI Safe Septum has been now been used successfully to control contamination of bioreactors

The future of sterility testing

Parmjit S Bilan assesses whether isolator technology is the way forward for the sterility testing sector

Ultra low temperature rack for tissue storage tubes

Micronic 24-2 rack ensures minimal deformation due to temperature changes making it suitable for long term use in automated ultra-low...

Decontaminating cleanrooms

Bio-decontamination range complements Cherwell’s sterilisation process validation products

Compact pumps for sterility testing

New pumps improve workflow and increase reliability with ergonomic design

Traceable sample storage

Ultra-pure polypropylene ensures that the storage tubes are compliant with USP Class 6 and European Pharmacopeia tests




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