Cleaning Products

Cleaning product to combat coronavirus

Already used extensively across the NHS, HM Prison Services, the rail and travel industry, the product has already been proven to destroy and help prevent spread of the Coronavirus

Fume hoods improve safety

The latest generation of ductless fume hoods enhance lab personnel safety

Priorclave extends its sterilising support

Specialist autoclave manufacturer Priorclave has extended its support to laboratories by offering a complete lab decontamination service, the additional service has been made available through a working relationship with The Decontaminator


New mobile room bio-decontamination system

Bioquell ProteQ offers major cost benefits, a modular, upgradeable design and new features including wireless connectivity, built-in...

Cleanroom microbiology showcase

Cherwell Laboratories to highlight cleanroom microbiology solutions at The Cleanroom Technology Conference - firm will offer practical...

New anti-microbial shadow board range

Teknomek introduces a new range that enables users to "get on board" with a neat idea

Anti-bacterial cleaning range introduced

Teknomek's new anti-bacterial cleaning range allows labs and cleanrooms to "make a clean sweep" of it

New cleaning products launched at trade show

Critical cleaning expert addresses industry demand with new products introduced at SMTAi event in Chicago

In-lab membrane cleaning

Michele Christian explains the synergy of membrane cleaners

Cleaner residue research project

Jennifer Sun reports on the development of a cleaning validation method using HPLC-CAD

Considerations for cleaning processes

Michele Christian presents some procedural guidelines for proper usage of critical cleaners

Improving the use of rubber parts

Michele Christian reports on an innovative solution to decrease costs, improve quality and enhance safety

ELP Thermal Transfer Printers

IDENTCO has added three new editions to the ELP Thermal Transfer Printer Series. Electronic Label Printer allows users to load, print and...

Critical cleaning choices

Judy Shapiro reveals how to unlock the superior power of liquid concentrates



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