Sequential isolation of plasma proteins aids immunoglobulin yields

The demand for immunoglobulin is high and is predicted to rise. John Curling reports that current goals are to improve yield of immunoglobulin while maintaining product quality.

Beamforming breakthrough boosts accuracy of ultrasonic technology

Focusing the sound waves used in ultrasound devices has always posed a number of technical challenges. However, a new innovation from Germany that gives greater control over the sound waves could lead to far more accurate ultrasound-based...

chromatography data system

Autoscribe Ltd's Varian Galaxie chromatography data system is now available. Galaxie is fully scalable from single chromatograph workstations to global implementations with an easy upgrade path.

Sound out ultrasonic spectroscopy in the pharmaceutical processes

In the last issue of Elab, the principles behind ultrasonic spectroscopy were introduced. Here, Cormac Smyth,Evgeny Kudriashov, Breda O'Driscoll and Vitaly Buckintake a closer look at its practical applications.

Microbial resistance drives search for new products

The rise and rise of microbial resistance to currently available antibiotics is driving the development of new generation anti-infective products. John Carter reports.

New references assist validation in far ultra violet spectroscopy

John P Hammond reports on new certified reference materials for the determination of wavelength and photometric accuracy in far UV spectrophotometry.

Affinity chromatography is vital to protein research and development

Because they are derived from living organisms, biological products present a potential source of pathogens. By John M. Curling.

system integration reduces costs

Whoever wants to maintain their competitive capacity today has to consider the complete flow of processes in the company, organising the areas adevelop-make-sell' as efficiently as possible.

clean room reaction monitoring

A Camspec M400PC diode-array fibre-optic spectrophotometer is helping NanoMagnetics develop new technology in the field of magnetic storage devices.

Ultrasonic spectroscopy moves into laboratory for dynamic monitoring

Ultrasonic spectroscopy is all set to become a routine analytical technique in the laboratory. It provides a non-destructive way to measure the properties of materials, using sound waves rather than the more usual electromagnetic waves. As...

Enhanced microbial identification

To complement the existing databases of the MicroStation system, Oxoid has introduced two new MicroLog database products to the UK.

Computerised control of optical components

The analy-SIS bx and ix control modules are an asset to support microscopy on the BX61 and IX 81.

novel compound for cycle cell disease

Structural Bioinformatics Inc(SBI) has developed a non-covalent small-molecule compound that inhibits the polymerisation of sickle cell disease-related hemoglobin in laboratory tests.

Online logistics delivery service helps speed up clinical trials

Sally Bullock reports on an innovative web-based delivery service aimed at speeding up the time-consuming and expensive process of clinical trials.

How to control the problem of abumping' in centrifugal evaporators

Dr David Griffin looks at a common laboratory problem and how to control it.

Scientific translations

The life sciences and their applications in medicine and pharmacy have been expanding at a tremendous rate in the past few years.

Safety studies on the risks of chemicals will benefit everyone

Chemical safety has recently aroused a lot of debate. It is alarming that the effects of many chemicals on health and the environment are not yet known. The European Union has taken up this problem, and the objective of the current...

Clear-bottomed microplates

New technical literature is now available describing Porvair Science's range of Krystal clear-bottomed microplates.

Harmonisation gets approval for electronic technical data documents

The International Conference on Harmonisation has been working for more than a decade to help forge guidelines that reduce costs for the pharmaceutical industry and improve patient safety. Its latest offering is crucial to contract research...

Hybrid particle technologyand its use in HPLC

High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) has been a mainstay of the laboratory scientist for many years. However,there is a new chromatographic base material which is leadingto dramatic performance improvements, including an extended...



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