New compact refrigerators designed for secure clinical storage

Latest series of refrigerators maintain optimal cold storage conditions with minimal energy consumption and noise output

Sensitive mobility measurements by phase analysis

Introducing an accurate and easy-to-use zeta potential analyser using phase analysis light scattering

A new ‘periodic table’ for nanomaterials

New simulation could help scientists decide what molecules best interact with each other to build nanomaterials from scratch


Robot chemist discovers new molecules and reactions

AI-driven chemistry could revolutionise the ways molecules are discovered

Analysis of nanoparticles in sunscreens

New application note from Postnova Analytics

Flow chemistry helps enhance biocatalysis processes

Case study shows merits of flow chemistry system

Flexible flow chemistry system

New product launched for process research chemists

Next-gen molecular discovery software

Flare V2 heralds next generation of structure-based design with Electrostatic Complementarity scoring and new Python API

The 10 green chemicals driving a disruptive new industry

New report highlights how to ensure the UK becomes a world leader in bio-based chemicals

Materials characterisation showcase

Materials characterisation at ACHEMA 2018

New reactor support stand

Entry-level support stand for lab reactors

Gas detection instruments showcased

Advanced gas detection instrumentation highlighted at Achema

The enzyme designers

Simulation of the enzyme AsqJ opens up new options for pharmaceutical chemistry

New standalone heater module

Heater module for flow chemistry glass static mixer chips

Bespoke reactor system

Asynt supplies system for chemical engineering research

Safer analysis method

New safer approach to Nicotine analysis in tobacco

New fixed well plates and columns

New solution rapidly removes matrix interferences from urine

Reproducible scale-up of medicinal chemistry reactions

Case study on heating system used to scale up syntheses

Critical cleaning solutions

Microcare showcases latest cleaning advances

New approach to drug manufacturing

Chemical 'ŒMP3 player' breakthrough converts digital code into pharmaceuticals




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