Cell culture system could offer cancer breakthrough

Provides a tool for preclinical cancer drug development and screening

Scientists discover potential new improved way to kill cancer cells

Wanted to develop a way to improve therapy that induces cancer cell killing while also mitigating unwanted toxicity

Investigating cell differentiation

Rainin TerraRacks are light weight, easy to store and recyclable

Low cell ChIP - a process capable of using as little as 1,000 cells

Usually large cell numbers are required for performing ChIP, which poses something of a challenge when dealing with limited starting...

Hydrogel beads for 3D cell growth

Bead-based environment more closely mimics in vivo conditions

Development of culture conditions

Long-term expansion of adult liver and pancreas cells in 3D organoid cultures

Enhancing new nerve cell growth in rat hippocampal cells

Body of evidence for the mechanisms of action behind the cognitive performance ingredient continues to grow

Replicating the brain’s neural networks

Aston University launches ground-breaking project to replicate brain’s neural networks through 3D nanoprinting

Cell therapy research collaboration

CAR-T cell therapy is a major new area of cancer therapy that has attracted $billions of investment in the past few years

Simple polymer could unlock more effective bone regeneration treatments

Technique uses a unique property of the polymer poly(ethyl acrylate) to allow growth factors to be effective at doses around 300 times lower than currently possible

Custom cell and tissue sourcing service

Human cell culture specialists launch primary cell and tissue sourcing service for difficult-to-find samples

Cell insight offers clues on biological processes linked to fertility

Scientists studying how healthy cells are formed have made a discovery that could aid understanding of how infertility, stillbirths and birth defects arise

3D printed 'building blocks' of life

Cells could be used as the ‘lego bricks’ to build tissue constructs, larger structures of tissues, and potentially even micro-organs

Boosting compound management workflows

Workstation is suited to drug discovery laboratories and centralised compound library facilities

New magnetic technology launched

Technology for bioseparations and studies of biomolecular interactions

Mammalian cell division synchronises with body’s daily rhythm

Discovery could optimise timing of chemotherapy and explain some cancers, say researchers

Investigational liver cell therapy

New data found it may help temporarily stabilise paediatric patients with Urea Cycle Disorders while they await liver transplantation

Cell death mechanism of unravelled

Perspectives for treating degenerative and inflammatory diseases

Stem cell solutions showcased at ISSCR event

ISSCR show preview from stem cell research specialist

Physiologically relevant cell culture handbook

AMSBIO produces 48-page handbook for research scientists looking to culture cells in more physiologically relevant environments




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