Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies opens new facility

Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies has formally opened its new mammalian cell culture cGMP manufacturing facility at a ceremony performed by...

Imaging for life: new imaging tools to aid regenerative medicine projects

Scientists at the University of Southampton are to study the 3D architecture of healthy human tissues down to the nanometre scale (one...

Understanding the mechanics of cells to provide new medical insights

University of Southampton researchers are at the forefront of research into mechanobiology, an emerging field of science combining biology and engineering, which investigates the influence of mechanical forces on cellular and molecular...

Cellectricon launches grant to fund electroporation-based research

As a leading provider of advanced cell-based screening technologies and services, Cellectricon is inviting researchers to apply for the...

Cell Metric CLDTM success in US biopharma for single cell cloning

Due to the significant time saving advantages of their Cell MetricTM systems, Solentim, the market-leading developer of innovative tools for...

Optimised basement membrane extracts for organoid growth and xenograft models

AMSBIO announces the availability of two new formulations of Basement Membrane Extract (BME) known as Cultrex BME 2 (organoid growth matrix)...

New research provides insights into the ability of muscles to take in glucose

New studies conducted by a Danish research group from University of Copenhagen have identified a molecule which can explain why blood sugar...

Clearing up the facts on egg-based vaccine production

Vaccines serve as a critical line of defense in disease prevention and control. As global communities interact more, there is a pronounced...

Rewinding development: a step forward for stem cell research

Scientists at the Danish Stem Cell Center, DanStem, at the University of Copenhagen have discovered that they can make embryonic stem cells...

A fresh approach to developing chronic pain therapeutics

Cellectricon will present a novel phenotypic assay at World Pharma Congress 2013, Tues 4th June, 5pm

Chromatrap enriches epigenetic marks from primary cells

A new application note from Porvair Sciences details a protocol for its Chromatrap® ChIP assay kit that has been developed to enrich...

Custom designed long and highly modified mRNAs

AMSBIO offers a proven service for synthesis of custom-designed, long mRNA and highly modified mRNAs.

But what does it do?

Most complete database to date of human phosphatases and their substrates

Three-port Hypoxystation launched

With Hypoxystation cell culture workstations now being sold in 23 countries throughout the world, Don Whitley Scientific Limited has...

New cell banking facility

Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies has announced that it has commissioned on time its new mammalian cGMP Cell Banking Facility (CBF) at its...

Research forum on regenerative medicine

Second Sartorius Research Xchange Forum focuses on regenerative medicine and cell therapy

Discovery of potent parasite protein

Research may lead to new therapeutic options for inflammatory bowel conditions

Micro bioreactor with cell culture analyser

Unique system offers collection of massive quantities of cell culture data




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