New iPad app for automated micro bioreactor system

App allows scientists the opportunity to download, free of charge, all available information on this system

ChIP sequencing kit for next generation sequencing

Kit extends Chromatrap solid state ChIP technology to preparation of purified Chromatin for the generation of sequencing libraries

High-resolution, high-throughput pre-implantation genetic screening array

Confident genome-wide aneuploidy detection in 14 samples on a single array from Oxford Gene Technology

Membrane fusion technology is alternative to gene transfection

Membrane fusion makes it possible to effectively incorporate different classes of molecules into the cellular membrane or into the cytoplasm

Cell imaging system for app-driven, automated imaging

GE Healthcare’s Cytell streamlines data acquisition, analysis and visualisation

In vitro cell models for cortical neurophysiology

Neural cells are capable of generating a spectrum of cortical neurons that are electrically active and have the ability to form functional...

Optical sensor measures oxygen in cells and tissues

For the first time, extra and intracellular O2 concentrations in cells and tissues can be quickly determined

Improve cell delivery of oligonucleotides

Niacin-based modifier offers several advantages over conventional lipophilic delivery agents, including reduced risk of in vivo toxicity

Ultrasonic ‘hands’ can grip microparticles

Could provide new tools to study cells which could help biologists or medics perform a variety of delicate tasks such as sorting or...

IVF: incubating the latest developments

Jacqueline van der Zijden reports on how incubators are currently being used for the cultivation of vital cell lines

Digital blood cell identification training meets ISO 15189

HORIBA introduces Quality Slide Program version addressing updated staff competency reporting requirements

Optimising process development of novel antibodies and biosimilars

TAP’s ambr15 micro bioreactor system being used at US-based contract manufacturing organisation Gallus

Plants can 'control embryo growth'

High yield plants could be created following a fundamental change in our understanding of how plants develop, according to researchers

Cell culture surface designed to enable consistent formation of spheroids in suspension

Nunclon Sphera supports the growth of three-dimensional cancer spheroids and embryoid bodies to help drive advancements in cancer and stem...

Ultra low adhesion plates for spheroid cell culture

Lipidure-Coat promotes the formation of a single spheroid in each well of U-bottom multi-well plate

Human stem cell-derived neural progenitors & neurons

AMSBIO has introduced a new range of neural progenitor cells, and cerebral cortical neurons, derived from human induced pluripotent stem...

Scientists show how cells protect their DNA from catastrophic damage

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen have unveiled a profound biological process that explains how DNA can be damaged during genome...

Why stem cells need to stick with their friends

Scientists at University of Copenhagen and University of Edinburgh have identified a core set of functionally relevant factors which...

Compact all-in-one multiple format mixer

Porvair Sciences has introduced the Co-Mix - an accurate, reliable, compact and simple-to-use multi-format mixer.

New 3D method used to grow miniature pancreas

An international team of researchers from the University of Copenhagen have successfully developed an innovative 3D method to grow miniature...




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