Biotin labelled proteins

New biotinylated protein collection specially designed to simplify users' research

Genetically engineered salmonella

Research shows genetically modified salmonella could be used to kill cancer cells

High-throughput ChIP sequencing

Kit provides all of the major components required for performing ChIP assays to obtain adequate high quality DNA for NGS library preparation

Guide to organoid growth

Amsbio publishes a guide that illustrates a variety of organoids grown from different tissues

High efficiency mRNA delivery

New range of targeted transfection reagents launched by Amsbio

Bacteria network for food

New research shows bacteria connect to each other and exchange nutrients

Microscopes for live cell and in-vivo imaging

Olympus has announced the release of two new configurations of the FluoView FVMPE-RS multiphoton laser scanning microscope

Autophagy: key to understanding how cells sustain themselves

New resource to study the mechanism and regulation of autophagy to fight human disease

UV crosslinker speeds up DNA research

Low-cost crosslinking solution proving popular in the DNA/RNA sector

Report on research into human liver material usage

Novel organoid matrix enables long-term culture of human hepatocytes

Easy PCR set-up with smart instruments

TouchTools PCR Wizard from Tecan enables rapid set-up of pre-PCR protocols

Identifying genes in lung fibroblasts

Ludger Altrogge, Lubna Hussain and Rochelle Myers report on asthma- and COPD-related differential gene expression in primary human lung...

Kidney organ regeneration research leaps forward

Researchers generate kidney-like structure from a single cell

BioSilta and Sigma-Aldrich sign global distribution agreement

EnPresso growth systems now available to research scientists through Sigma-Aldrich

HUVEC product line expanded

Improved version with faster proliferation rates than traditional HUVECs in EGM Growth Media

Automated cell culture system

Generates consistent, high quality cell plates for transport assays

Collaboration for circulating tumour cell clinical research

EKF Molecular and Massachusetts General Hospital announce collaboration

Gamma H2AX Pharmacodynamic assay kit

Easy-to-use, quantitative gamma-H2AX assay announced by Amsbio

New self-assembling nanoparticle

Scientists have designed a self-assembling nanoparticle that targets tumours

Encouraging the scientists of the future

Research goes back to school as prizewinners and students experience science together




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