Cell Research

Super-resolution microscope launched in the USA

Easily image at two times the conventional resolution limit of the light microscope, to resolve structures and living samples at high speed

Proven biochemistry methods for new skin cancer therapy

Like all other cells in the body, skin cancer cells need a cholesterol metabolism. New research has discovered particularities of this process in malignant melanoma that could help improve prognosis and therapy

Exosome isolation manufacturing and characterisation

A new exosome isolation, manufacturing and characterisation service will enable R&D groups to accelerate their discovery activities


Target identification on living cells

The interaction of cells with the environment is crucial for their function within the organism. These interchanges take place at the cell...

Gene expression analysis service

High-throughput gene expression analysis service

New minicircle technology launched

Technology that enables sustained gene expression

New cell lines for cancer research

AMS Bio introduces range of isogenic cell lines

Collaboration to improve the risk profiling of cancer patients

Gustave Roussy and Protagen collaborate to improve the risk profiling of cancer patients undergoing immunotherapy

Enhancing drug discovery

Cell based screening array enhances drug discovery

Test station streamlines R&D programme

Innomech system to streamline Fluidic Analytics R&D programme

Cell culture management tech launched

New system segregates cells for safe simultaneous growth in a single incubator

Software processes huge amounts of single-cell data

Scientists have developed a program that is able to help manage enormous datasets

Latest research in ADME-Tox models to be presented

Lonza to present research into more physiologically relevant ADME-Tox models at the Society of Toxicology Meeting

High performance ChIP-Seq kit

Newly launched kit for fresh and frozen tissue samples

Stem Cell Community Day

Eppendorf Hosts Second Stem Cell Community Day in Duesseldorf

Isogenic panels of neuronal iPSC derivatives

New range of induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) derived neural stem cells (NSCs)

Retrovirus research progress

JPK reports on research using its NanoWizard Ultra Speed AFM

Cryopreservation of hematopoietic stem cells

Optimised GMP grade cryopreservation medium for the banking of hematopoietic stem cells i

€3.6 million grant awarded to screening expert

Symcel secures €3.6 million Horizon 2020 Phase II grant for clinical validation of customised antimicrobial susceptibility testing

Isothermal alternative to PCR

New isothermal DNA/RNA amplification technology is a versatile solution for nucleic acid detection




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