Viral contaminations in lab and manufacturing facilities

Dr Marcin Los outlines how to tackle the reoccurring problems of viral contaminations

Troubleshooting and optimising mutagenesis

Free IDT application guide provides the answers to mutagenesis experiments

Biosensor system optimises mammalian cell-based binding assay workflow

System can be used with unfixed cells in suspension or adherent cells grown directly on the sensor chips themselves

Improving biologicals manufacturing processes

Robust manufacturing process that delivers optimal cell viability and density, with the right safety and quality parameters

Measurements of biomolecular interactions

Determining both the affinity and binding stoichiometry for macromolecules in solution with no need for immobilisation or tagging

Supporting Glycobiology research

AMSBIO has announced a package of initiatives to support the research community

Lyophilisation cycle development and optimisation

Training course will focus on following the freeze drying process from formulation and thermal analysis to cycle development

Enzyme advance cellulosic biofuel production

Accellerase TRIO helps reduce ethanol production costs, lowers dosage and offers environmental benefits

Real-time, label-free measurement of biomolecular interactions

SAW Instruments' sam5 GREEN acoustic biosensor pre-coated, disposable sensor chips

Web microsite dedicated to solid state Chromatin Immunoprecipitation

Provides an informative background as to what ChIP technology is about and introduces the new solid state approach

Identifying microRNAs that can serve as biomarkers for prostate cancer

Researchers have identified serum microRNAs that can serve as biomarkers for prostate cancer

Advances in polymerase chain reaction

Biotechnology technique used to replicate a specific portion of a much larger sample of DNA

Assay kits aid simple and simultaneous processing of multiple samples

A specialist company in high purity reagents for glycobiology and glycoanalysis has announced a number of new and unique kits for...

Novel molecular diagnostics solutions meet demand for fast, accurate testing

The first real-time tests for tuberculosis and drug resistant tuberculosis and a way to measure the viral load or amount of hepatitis B...

Kits for improved nucleic acid recovery from FFPE samples

FFPE tissues are a valuable source of information for retrospective research, says AMSBIO

Sigma Life Science collection of Prestige Antibodies exceeds 10,000

Each Prestige Antibody is supported by over 700 immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence and Western blot images, with complete data for...

World's first in-human stem cell trial begins

The first patient has been treated with stem cell therapy in a ground-breaking UK clinical trial

Affordable mass screening to curb pandemics

Portable system enables mass health screenings to be conducted at strategic locations

BIG Talents in biotech, IT and greentech

Event will combine biotechnology, information technology and green technology

New math speed detection of drug-resistant malaria

Researchers developed techniques to quickly identify evolution of drug resistance in strains of malaria. Their goal is to enable the medical community to react quickly to inevitable resistance.




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