24 independent bioreactors in microtiter plate footprint

Rapid handling and growth of large numbers of microbial strains, clone libraries, mutant banks, and cells

The merits of automated environmental monitoring

David Jones and Nathan Storie share the results of a study on environmental monitoring.

Mapping the immunogenicity of therapeutic protein products

Samuel Altun, Lena Heffler and Teodor Aastrup provide some examples of immunogenicity testing assays

End-to-end sequencing

The latest sequencing technologies include automation tools that make the process faster and more accurate

Artificial organ research could be key to development of novel drugs

Organs, both artificial and natural, hold the key to predicting and understanding how novel drugs will react in the body. Sean Ottewell investigates.

Reducing the risk of bio-contamination in gene, cell and CAR-T cell therapy

Dr Rolf Hansen examines how the latest isolator systems create aseptic working conditions for reducing risk and keeping gene, cell and CAR-T...

Improved predictions of drug efficacy

Samuel Altun, Patrik Forssén & Ian A Nicholls report on cell-based heterogeneous interaction analysis

Bringing Antarctic temperatures to the UK and beyond

Naomi Dunning-Foreman introduces a new walk-in chamber

The advantages of staining specimens

A look at developments in multicolour enzymatic immunohistochemistry assays for formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue

Bioreactor systems enhanced with software for Design of Experiments

Enables robust, flexible bioprocess development in single-use bioreactors

2,000L single-use bioreactor

Rentschler Biotechnologie addd a bioreactor to its facility in Laupheim, Germany

Transfection of cancer cell lines

A look at a modular system for the efficient transfection of primary cells and cell lines with a variety of substrates

Cell passaging solution

Ying Nie, Patrick Walsh, Diana L Clarke, Jon Rowley and Thomas Fellner look at a new development in stem cells cultivation

The collagen cell carrier

Silke Busch looks at how collagen products produced for the food market have transferred to cell biology and biomedical applications

Optimal separation of proteins

Liz Horton and Foner Curtis look at protein separation differences on SDS PAGE dependent on the buffer system

What is the benefit of piezo drives?

Steffen Arnold outlines the advantages piezo drives bring to laboratory automation

Nanoparticle-based drug is less harmful to fertility

From nanoparticles in new drugs and novel therapeutics, to imaging at the cellular level and understanding how bacteria work, nanotechnology...

Powerful data analysis improves gene expression technology

Laboratories are demanding ever more sensitivity and reliability from their gene expression analysis technologies. Here we look at what...

Plant molecular farming: a new biotech wave

Opportunities and challenges in Europe in the production of biopharmaceuticals using plant molecular farming




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