Developing a ‘bionic eye'

Australia's Bionic Vision Technologies raises US$18 million (AU$23.5m)

Upstream bioprocessing

Technology portfolio enables design space characterisation, effective translation to the large-scale and enhanced process analytics

Ready-to-use adeno-associated virus biosensors

New range of calcium or glutamate biosensor products comes with a choice of promoter and the ability to include the Cre inducible expression


New Treg isolation kit

Treg cells play an important role in regulating the immune response and peripheral tolerance mechanisms

Small-scale device for water-based protein solutions

Sartorius Stedim Biotech has extended its product line of small-scale Sartocon Slice 50 crossflow devices

New kits for release of O-linked glycans

The Orela kit can be used for up to 12 samples

Stem cell patch advances

Dr Jessica Daecke reports on how stem cell patches could represent a new therapy for heart diseases

The importance of stability testing

Naomi Dunning-Foreman explains why stability testing is an essential step on the path to drug development

The lab in a box

Mark Severns on automating key microbiology quality control tests

Improving Western blot reproducibility

Sam Egel reports on the advantages of IR fluorescence imaging technology

Advances in bioprocess control

Intelligent control in cell culture process development. By Christiane Schlottbom, Ma Sha and Stacey Willard

Bringing the sterility test into the 21st Century

Anna Mills looks at a system that modernises sterility testing via automation and rapid results

Advances in bacterial hosts

Non-E. coli expression hosts represent a heyday for Gram-positive bacteria, says Arne Schulz

Validating next-generation sequencing-based genetic tests

Frederick R. Blattner & Tim Durfee showcase software for auto-analysis of internal benchmarking controls

Investigating manufactured nanoparticles

Characterising the bio-nano interface using QCM technology. By Teodor Aastrup, Diluka Peiris & Daniel Wallinder

Whole genome MLST analysis

A universal typing approach for bacteria with many advantages. By Katrien De Bruyne, Bruno Pot & Hannes Pouseele

RNA sequencing: the complete sample-to-answer solution

Next generation sequencing (NGS) technology has revolutionised the way DNA-sequencing is performed

Solving aseptic challenges in the biotech industry

The QMI Safe Septum has been now been used successfully to control contamination of bioreactors

Single-use equipment comes of age

Single-use equipment such as bags, containers, fermenters, mixers and rectors help to keep production costs down and improve plant...

DNA clean-up solution

MagSi-NGSPREP supports all standard DNA clean-up protocols encountered during Next-Gen library preparation




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